‘Bolt in the Blue’ – LPX



  1. Tightrope
  2. Tremble
  3. Slide
  4. Bolt in the Blue
  5. Fog and the Fear
  6. Red Queen

LPX is the moniker of Lizzy Plapinger of MS MR, and today Lizzy has released her debut EP, Bolt In The Blue, a six-track EP full of feel-good electro-pop melodies.

The six-track EP features a collection of songs various emotions, speaking on one of LPX‘s popular songs ‘Slide‘, LPX explains how “‘Slide’ is equal parts passion and infatuation, anger and disbelief. It only hurts this much because it was that good, a double edged sword that keeps on digging.”

“On a personal note, working with Jenn [producer Jenny D (Jenn Decilveo)] was one of my first experiences ever working with a female producer and it was a uniquely different and liberating moment just being two women in the studio that is deeply meaningful to me. Jenn seamlessly pulled out all the emotional and sonic nuances of what I wanted to communicate. “

LPX is a new ground for Lizzy to explore as she moves away from her MS MR partner and for the first time explores a more aggressive sound, LPX explains how she wanted “to create music that RIPS through your speakers and shakes you to your core, the kind of music that gets into your blood, takes hold and doesn’t let go.”

Other than Slide, the title track is also an incredible effort from LPX that covers a lot of ground within that four minutes. Other mentions go to Red Queen, which gives LPX a whole lot of time for her voice to shine on an album that has a lot of big sounds reigning throughout.