‘New Parts Of Me’ – Lionizer



  1. I Don't Hate You
  2. I Dug A Hole
  3. Cold, Broke, Drunk, Happy
  4. Another Night, Another Bed
  5. New Parts Of Me
  6. Violent Delights
  7. Fuck Everything
  8. Something About Bunkbeds
  9. The Unartist
  10. Out of Breath

New Parts of Me‘ is the 10-track debut album from Perth indie-punk trio, Lionizer. Having already given a taste of the album with Violent Delights, Lionizer showcased an interesting take on the world of punk music, by not just adding an actual story to a punk song, but by making it an engaging experience through the nearly three minute offering.

Lionizer put a lot of effort into the debut album, especially on the track ‘I Dug a Hole’, which Bailey (drummer) describes as a song about “getting a vagina, and all the shit that comes with it.”

“I wrote I Dug a Hole in mid-2015 while recovering from Sexual Reassignment Surgery (SRS) in Thailand. For those who don’t know, SRS involves turning a penis into a vagina. Puns are fun.”

Expanding on the writing of the songs, Bailey adds how she doesn’t actually know “how to write songs about being trans; it always seems like you have to start with “when I was a child…” to give people the proper context.” Adding how “this one just poured out of me. Maybe it was the exasperation of still dealing with transphobic bullshit post op, maybe it was the tramadol and the vivid nightmares that came with it, maybe it was just the constant pain.”

“SRS was life changing, life-saving, probably the best thing I’ve ever done, but at the same time it’s an intense and invasive surgery. Recovery is arduous; a seemingly never-ending painful and isolating experience that grinds you down over and over again. It’s brutal – I have the photos to prove it.”

Other than ‘I Dug a Hole‘, the album as a whole is great. With enjoyable songs like ‘Another Night, Another Bed‘, ‘New Parts of Me‘ and ‘The Unartist‘ being the standouts of the album, Lionizer have put together a solid album, with ‘Fuck Everything‘, ‘Something About Bunkbeds‘ and ‘Out of Breath‘ being good additions too.