‘Primal Heart’ – Kimbra

Primal Heart is the third studio album from New Zealand pop artist Kimbra and it features an incredible change of pace for one of the most interesting artists going around.

Having struck big with Kimbra’s first two albums and a smash-hit with Gotye, Kimbra has once again shown why she is one of the most interesting performers – not just out of New Zealand but – out there right now.

Primal Heart incorporates many different elements, which fans first got a taste of with the release of ‘Everybody Knows‘ back in September 2017. Working in collaboration with Guy Franklin, Kimbra has put together a solid offering that features Kimbra in a field as she sings the song underneath a large blanket in an emotional tale of life.

“It’s really special to share this with you. It was one of the more emotionally physically demanding videos I’ve made to date but I’m proud of what we achieved and very excited it’s out in the world.”

Taking inspiration from the sounds of the eighties, Kimbra has put together a solid mix of xylophone percussion, digital production, strong vocal choruses and a foray of electronic melodies throughout this nearly four minute offering.

Next up, Kimbra revealed Top of the World, working in collaboration with Skrillex on the project, Top of the World showcased a different side to Kimbra, this time around we get a more worldly sound out of Kimbra – almost giving off an amazonian feel – with the use of the recurring hypnotising phrase of “Top of the World“, with the percussion side of the anthem focuses on bass heavy beats and synthetic atmospheres.

This new high energy anthem moves in the right direction of what a new album should sound like, especially on this third time around Kimbra seems to be exploring new avenues and making music that is out of the ordinary – or what Kimbra fans are used to hearing from the New Zealand songstress.


Primal Heart features 12 songs full of worldly atmospheric pop anthems, mixed with jazz and electronic vibes with Right Direction, Black Sky and Recovery being the standouts.