‘Kill The Ideal’ – Kill The Ideal



  1. Dangerous!
  2. Crazy
  3. My Life
  4. Spotlight
  5. Indecisive
  6. Know Your Name

‘Kill The Ideal’ is the sophomore EP from Boston alternative rock band Kill The Ideal. Having already given a taste of their music with their debut EP ‘Heritage‘ back in 2015, the four-piece out of London showcased an interesting take on the world of alternative rock with a story driven melodies and rock anthem vibes that showed a big, world of exploration.

Kill The Ideal‘s follow-up self-titled EP is a continuation of what the band have already shown they can do, but with more defined and finely tuned vibes, as the band have been working hard on the record over the last two years – heavily writing and producing this six-track EP.

Kill The Ideal released a taste of the EP with ‘Dangerous!‘, a single about touching on the different aspects of bullying and how “appearances can be deceiving.”

Speaking on the music video, the trio go into detail how they gained inspiration from the movie franchise Die-Hard:

“We went full on Die-Hard shooting this music video and wanted to create something that shows that anyone can be dangerous if they put their mind to it.”

Speaking on the personal influence of the single, Kill The Ideal‘s frontman Ash Wilson going into detail about how he was a victim of bullying as a child, speaking on how he “went through hell and high water and ‘Dangerous!’ was the result…”

With hits like ‘Crazy‘, ‘My Life‘ and ‘Indecisive‘ being standouts of the album, ‘Know Your Name‘ and ‘Spotlight‘ are good fillers of the album that showcase a different sounding structure to the rest of the songs.

Kill The Ideal have put together a solid album that has a lot of heart and passion within the six-tracks throughout, while not one song going over the four minute mark, the self-titled EP is a good and easy listen, which made the experience a lot more comfortable than typical fast, impactful rock albums.