New EP: ‘Chromatic’ by IYVES

I don’t know much about this Brooklyn-based artist IYVES, but she sure does make some incredible sounds and vibes.

IYVES’ EP ‘Chromatic‘ is now out and it features seven tracks full of deep, lyrically pleasing tracks.

With tracks like ‘Pressure‘, ‘Phantom‘ and ‘Palms‘ being the standouts of the EP, IYVES has put together a well-rounded EP that not only shows her pop/electronic side, but it also shows an interested take on the instrumental side of music as IYVES’ tracks Let It Play, Made To Last and Not Afraid To Fall give IYVES more than enough chance to showcase her diverse skills as singer, songwriter and as a musician.

I am looking forward to learning about and listen to more of IYVES in my spare time. Have a listen to IYVES’ new EP below.