Franz Ferdinand – Always Ascending


I haven’t been this hyped for an album release in, well… a long time. I have to admit, I have a love-hate relationship with the Scottish band Franz Ferdinand. I love their music, ever since I first heard Take Me Out, Do You Want To and No You Girls for the first time. And I hate how Franz Ferdinand always take their time to make music, but I guess with results like Always Ascending, it is worth the wait. Even if it is years.

Today sees the release of Franz Ferdinand’s fifth studio album, ‘Always Ascending’, a synth heavy, beat fanatic, groovy 10-track album full of head bopping, badly dancing vibes.

Having given fans a taste of the new album with the release of the album title track Always Ascending three months ago, fans of the Scottish five-piece wanted more instantly. How could you not? Always Ascending is a groovy track that offers a lot more than just a basic beat heavy track.


Following on from the release of the title track for Always Ascending, Franz Ferdinand gave fans another taste of Always Ascending with the release of ‘Feel The Love Go‘, another highly energetic offering that showcases a lot of pop elements and great chorus range.

A music video has been released by director Diane Martel, with the video being shot while the band were in Los Angeles on their recent US tour, the video gives off a sense of public access TV religious show and sees Alex cast as an unhinged evangelical preacher.

Speaking on the creation of the video, Diane explains how this is the third time working with Franz Ferdinand’, “they are close friends and steller artists.”

“I think this is their best album to date. Each song could be a single, it’s expansive musically, wonderfully produced and the lyrics are brilliant as usual. This new incarnation of the band is perfection!”

The third taste of the album was the single Lazy Boy – having already heard the other two tracks, you can bet a lot of the same elements were used that have made Franz Ferdinand a must listen to band.

Always Ascending has 10 tracks full of some great vibes and noises, with Lois Lane and Huck and Jim being a stand out and The Academy Award bringing something different than you would expect from Franz Ferdinand, but you’re just going to have to listen for yourself.