“Fragments” by Bombs Away


Today is the day fans of Queensland-based electronic duo “Bombs Away” have been waiting for, it’s the release of their debut album “Fragments“.

I had the opportunity to have a chat with Sketch and Tommy Shades back in March when they released their immensely popular anthem “Let You Down“.

Going into details about the album, Sketch and Tommy explain how “FRAGMENTS was written over a few years with the goal to really resonate with people at different stages in their life,” with “a track that someone going through a tough time relates to may be a different one to the one someone who’s just got a new partner may love, so the album is definitely a journey but its not linear,” adding to the inner-levels of the album, Fragments is much more than just an album with songs on it, “its more like real life with its up and downs, it takes FRAGMENTS from different parts of everyday life.”

“We see the entire album as a single piece of work rather than a collection of individual songs, the physical CD release actually has 5 more songs that we kept off the digital release because we think they need to be heard together.”

The album features 13 tracks full of delicious, bouncy, electronic anthems with collaborations featuring the likes of Sunset City, Elle Vee, Shadow Aspect, Backchat, SRU and Myah Marie.

Fragments is too much of an album to take in in just one bite, you need to take your time with this album and enjoy every little bite, as Fragments features other gems like “Feel This Way“, “Have We Met Before“, “Let It Burn“, “Like You” and “Drive Me Home” that will want you coming back for seconds.


JULY 13 – Shooters nc – GOLD COAST
JULY 14 – Postcards feat. Bombs Away – NOWRA
JULY 19 – Gilligan’s Backpackers Hotel and Resort – CAIRNS
JULY 27 – Palmwoods Hotel – PALMWOODS
JULY 28 – Ministry of Sound Club Australia – SYDNEY
AUG 23 – Home House Nightclub – GEELONG
AUG 24 – Kay Street – TARALGON
AUG 25 – House Niteclub-Spurs Saloon – DEVONPORT
AUG 31 – Racehorse Hotel – IPSWICH
SEPT 29 – Port Macquarie Hotel – PORT MACQUARIE