Eat This Music is a music website and radio program devoted to sharing music that I [Steve] enjoys. It is literally that simple. Eat This Music is not the be-all and end-all and doesn’t proclaim to be the best outlet for discovering “cool” new music. Music is subjective after all. Although, I do believe the artists I share on Eat This Music deserve every single word I write and airspace I give them.

Whether you are into pop, electronic, rock, funk, hip-hop, scratching nails on a chalkboard or alternative music, there are a variety of offerings available on Eat This Music. If you read an article, listen to a song or just want to send me an e-mail, you can do so directly through the Contact page or steve[at]eatthismusic[dot]com.

Before you go, I wanted to share with you my favourite song at the moment:

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