Eat This Music is a music website devoted to sharing and promoting music that I [Steve] enjoys.

The purpose of Eat This Music is to promote brand new music from artists out of Australia, the United States, Canada and throughout the UK. The Eat This Music website and radio program is not the be-all and end-all for music promotion, however, I truly believe the artists I share on Eat This Music deserve every single word I write and airspace I use on radio.

  • Eat This Music started as a music blog in 2014, and began as a radio program in 2016. Since the launch of Eat This Music, the website has produced over 1,500 articles, including but not limited to single and album reviews; interviews in written, audio and video form; profile pieces and features – 98% of the articles on Eat This Music are written by Steve.

  • Whether you are into pop, rock, funk, hip-hop or alternative music, there are a variety of offerings available on Eat This Music. If you read an article, listen to a song or just want to send me an e-mail, it is all entirely up to you. However, in the meantime, I wanted to share my favourite song – at the moment – with you:

    Should you have any further questions about Eat This Music or the operations of the website, you can contact me directly through the Contact page or steve[at]eatthismusic[dot]com.