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Today’s delicious Eat This Song of the Day comes from Australian artist Tori Forsyth. The song is titled ‘All For You‘ and it comes off the release of her forthcoming second album ‘Provlépseis‘ (which means predictions in Greek), due out for release Friday May 21.

It has been a whole since Tori was last covered on Eat This Music – which was back in August 2019 when she released her fantastic single, ‘Be Here‘, since then, though, Tori has been working on loads of new music and her second album (after 2018’s Dawn of the Dark).

Speaking on the release of the upcoming album, Tori says that most of the album was recorded pre-pandemic! “[i]t’s interesting to interpret the lyrics with the benefit of hindsight; where I might not have really known what a few songs meant at the time, I definitely do now,” Tori says on the album. “I’m a pretty spiritual person, but I think that just goes to show how important it is to listen to your intuition.”

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