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Ellysse Mason is a pop artist from Manchester, England, and I don’t think theres anything that makes her more happy than finishing a song she was excited about or coming off of a stage after a great gig or even the nerves she gets before going out on stage. Nothing else makes her feel that way!

“I think for a lot of musicians, we’re in a bit of a ‘limbo’ phase,” Ellysse says to Eat This Music. “Theres a lot of uncertainty surrounding things like live music, and I really miss it but I’ve made the most of this situation and put all my energy and attention into connecting with people on social media through my music and I’m grateful to be able to do that.”

That being said, Ellysse still cannot wait to get back out gigging again!

“It’s exciting because it’s the first release of many this year,” Ellysse reveals to Eat This Music now that her single, ‘Sweet Talkin” is out. “Its always surreal to finally show people the finished product of what was once a small idea sat at a keyboard. Its pretty bizarre.”

Ellysse has always found it hard to communicate her thoughts and feelings to people. Although, she is sure a lot of artists can relate to that, and Sweet Talkin’ is pretty much about that, but from the point of view of somebody drifting out into space and losing communication with ground control.

“Its always nice to see something you’ve envisioned slowly come together. There were so many amazing creative people involved in the process and I couldn’t have done it without them!” — Ellysse Mason

“Like most of my songs they always start on a guitar or keyboard in my bedroom,” Ellysse reveals on the creative process. “I always like to imagine the production as i’m writing and make notes of how i’d like it to sound and what comes in where etc. For this song I really wanted it to be mostly atmospheric because of the songs meaning and lyrics.”

Ellysse wanted this song to sound intense with lots of synths and vocoders, because it was a reflection of how it would feel to be drifting off into space with no control.

“I like to have a strong visual representation in my songs too,” Ellysse continues. “We were on a pretty tight budget so for the music video we got a few purple and white lights and span them around me to give the feeling of spinning around in space.”

All of Ellysse’s songs are written from her experiences: “I think this one is especially close to my heart because it represents how I feel I connect with people and the world around me and that can be a pretty vulnerable thing to write about,” Ellysse says.

“Anything they want, a song can mean different things for different people,” Ellysse states on what she wants listeners to take away from her new song. “Its always really interesting to hear back what other people have interpreted from my songs and how it resonates with them.”

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