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Wrené is a Canadian artist that likes to dabble in the world of Dark Pop. Her name reflections the notion of rebirth and transformation. You’d be reminiscence to think she isn’t doing quite well in today’s climate.

“I am well in this moment, thank you,” she expresses to Eat This Music. “I am thankful for having the time to reflect, and the space to express myself despite the circumstances.” Wrené has done a lot of work to improve her own mental wellbeing in this time – and is the type of person who has come to appreciate these days as being very worthwhile even in these difficult times.

“It feels like a weight has been taken off my shoulder,” Wrené says upon the release of her debut album and key song, ‘No Face‘. “I am very close to this song because it is inspired by a string of events that have impacted me personally.”

Now that these memories have been crafted into something new, there is less of an emotional overwhelming associated in recollection. Even if nobody were to hear this, putting this out in the ethos frees me. — Wrené

“It’s a much better alternative than just burying your feelings and carrying on,” Wrené continues.

Wrené’s ‘No Face’ is a portrait of mental abstractions. It represents an almost inescapable void you enter as you slip underneath emotionally. It is a journey through fear, rage, and shame all wrapped up into a 5 minute song. Wrené’s initial motivation for the song was to conceptualise some of these darker episodes she has experienced in the past, as sort of a ‘mysterious’ message against a droning landscape.

“The creative process for this song was exciting, and actually very enlightening,” Wrené says. “Putting abstract sounds in relation to what’s alluded to in the lyrics helped me gain a better understanding of my condition, just as much as it challenged me in making experimental choices.”

The lyrics and visuals loosely represent a journal entry – thus the ‘hand-drawn’, ‘quickly scratched’ aesthetic. It is Wrené’s intention that the lyrics and visuals represent an unfiltered trail of thought that reaches many different emotional peaks. Though, the lyrical content is more abstract, and does not explicitly tell a linear story, ‘No Face’ is grounded in very real experiences of intrusive thinking that have escalated and distorted my self-perception.

Wrené continues, “It is my biggest hope that this song may reach somebody who experiences similar emotional turmoil, and perhaps that they can recognize themselves in it, and engage in its catharsis. I would preface to whoever is listening to keep an open mind.”

It’s definitely not going to be everyone’s cup of tea as it is very odd, and maybe even upsetting to some – but there is value in it as it showcases an aspect of a mental process that is unfiltered, and not always invited to be represented or expressed in our day to day lives. I hope that the takeaway from this song is its honesty. — Wrené

Wrené’s debut album, ‘Live Wire’, is a very eclectic assortment of songs that all share the intention of bringing pop sounds and emotional honesty to bare. It is a collection of fragments that make up a ‘malfunctioning’ female mind – on one end their parts being uplifting, while other parts of it are extremely sorrowful – at times it can also be very aggressive and explosive. It is a weird album of many colours!

Even though Wrené’s debut album is now out, she is also currently experimenting with some much heavier influences in her production, and learning different approaches in crafting sounds: “My next release is a collaborative effort between myself and a very talented friend of mine,” Wrené explains. “This next release will be pushing boundaries further with the infusion of dense instrumentation and electronic sound design.”

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