Rhys Tranter – ‘My Living Room Of Acceptance’

Rhys’ style is absolutely beautiful. His voice, the aesthetics of his sound, and surrounding world. The four songs that make up the ecosystem of “My Living Room of Acceptance” are just wonderful.

Imaina – ‘Wounds’

Written and composed entirely by herself, this 6-track EP showcases Belgian-Bolivian artist Imaina’s incredible melancholic electropop music. Mixing defined synths, combining what sounds like essences of hip-hop inspired drums and percussion, and her lyrical prowess on top of a delicate world of sound, ‘Wounds’, is a fantastic example of her passion.

Sid – ‘Bridges’

‘Bridges’ is a beautiful three track EP that shines prominently in its minimalism. Three songs are more than enough to get know it’s creator, Sid, and what he has to offer the world of music. His vocals are impeccable, his digital production is on point, and his lyrics guide you from the start to end… what else do you need?

Rakky Ripper – ‘Xtra Cost’

This new EP, ‘Xtra Cost’, from Rakky Ripper is essentially ode to the influential noughties era. Where her tracks focus on embracing the iconic themes from the decade including fun, femininity, fashion, sexiness and bubblegum pop. Speaking on ‘Xtra Cost’, Rakky said: “‘Xtra Cost’ is an EP that encapsulates sensuality and innocence. It’s inspired by the albums of noughties pop princesses who were tired of being judged so they rebelled against the system.”

This EP is a bilingual masterpiece that showcases Rakky’s witty dialogue, underlying instrumentals and large, bald world building.

Oscar Scheller – ‘Boys Cry’

Oscar Scheller is someone I covered previous with the release of ‘Average Joe‘ in September 2020, so it is a given I would cover his new record, which is now out via Handle With Care.

This album is essentially a meditation on male vulnerability. It’s material, all of Oscar’s insecurities, traumas, heartbreaks, and his internal dialogue being turned outwards to exemplify healthy male emotion.

Neonian – ‘Vaxxor

Cloe Wilder – ‘Teenage Lullabies’

Cloe Wilder is an absolute beaut: as a person and as a musician. I have been following her music ever since the release of Save Me back in October 2019. Since then though, Cloe has gone on to build herself up as a formable pop artist, and with the release of ‘Teenage Lullabies‘, that indication couldn’t be more true if I tried.

To follow up with the release of the EP, Cloe and her team have released a behind the scenes video, which you can watch here.

Babitha – ‘Through the Lights’

‘Through the Light’ is six songs full of soothing vocals and minimal instruments. It is a work of bliss and shows how great Babitha is as a creative force. Nothing much else to say. No fancy words needed to justify how good Babitha is.

Bones and Jones – ‘Ginger Gold (Farm Singles)’

Bones and Jones are one of the most chilled acts in recent memory, and with the release of ‘Ginger Gold (Farm Singles)’, you’re getting exactly that: 14 songs of chilled waves, sublime lyrics and a world of exploration through story. Not much else to say. There is no point writing about who the compare to or using adjectives that make no sense; just sit back and enjoy the music.

Cloud Nothings – ‘The Shadow I Remember’

The last major release from Cloud Nothings came out in 2018 in the form of Last Building Burning, since then, the Cleveland-based four-piece have gone on to release their most solid project to date, which is in the form of their latest 11-track release.

Highlighted with tracks like ‘Oslo‘, ‘Nothing Without You‘, ‘Open Rain‘, and ‘A Longer Moon‘, this record showcases more of what fans have come to like from the new age rockband: solid structure, finely tuned instrumentals and a foundation that gives each member enough time to shine.

Grace Sanders – ‘GUMS’

Nothing to say here… other than Grace Sanders is an absolute well oiled machine (woman) that creates some of the freshest pop going around. Enjoy her debut EP.

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