On today’s menu: Oxygyn show no mercy, Little Suspicions taste limes, Polarize answer calls from Eugene, John J Presley wants to die easy, artists out of the United States, England, Switzerland and Italy cover Miley Cyrus, You AM I return with ‘The Waterboy’ (not the Adam Sandler kind), and more in today’s delicious roundup.

Alice Pisano – ‘Crush’

Alice Pisano has been covered numerous times on Eat This Music in the past (here and here recently), so it is only right to continue that by sharing a visual video of her newest song.

Oxygyn – ‘Mercy’

Oxygyn is a Maltese electro-pop four-piece (of Katia, Kurt, Zack & Funky Monkey [production]) and their new single ‘Mercy‘ is heavy, and aesthetically beautiful. This is a song about themes of anger and vulnerability, however, it truly shines in its instrumentals and duelling vocals.

Izzy T, Claire Genoud, Brooke Colucci & Alice Lane – ‘Midnight Sky (Miley Cyrus Cover)’

As far as covers go, this one is pretty sweet. It’s a cover of Miley Cyrus’ single “Midnight Sky“, which came in 2020. However, this cover is a cross-continental cover artists out of the United States, England, Switzerland and Italy. The artists involved are are great in their own right; Brooke on Drums, Claire on Guitar, Alice on Bass and Izzy lending her impeccable vocals.

Proper Nouns – ‘Known Unknowns’

Little Suspicions – ‘Limes’

More chilled vibes for you today (along with Polarize), this time from Kent-based band Little Suspicions. Following on from the release of their 2020 debut, Little Suspicions have returned with ‘Lime’, a song that showcases more of what fans liked form their one, and only, single in 2020: minimal instrumentals, soothing vocals, and a solid story.

Polarize – ‘Eugene’s Calling’

Polarize continue to bring a chilled vibe to their music and with ‘Eugene’s Calling’, that what you’re going to get: chilled vibes, hypnotic instrumentals and soothing vocals. Sit back, relax, and enjoy Polarize.

Sofia Kourtesis – ‘By Your Side’

Sometimes you just come across a song that is enjoyable to listen to. Whilst not unique, Sofia does in fact offer a great difference with ‘By Your Side’. Mixing together lofi electronic sounds, and quiet vocals, Sofia uses her new song to tell the story of having someone there when you need it most. This is a fresh taste of what Sofia has install for her upcoming EP (out March 19) and it was one of the first tracks she recorded.

John J Presley – ‘In My Time of Dying’

John J Presley is different… and that is meant to be taken in a good way. In 2020 John J Presley released “Your Love“, since then he has been working on new material, such as this new single. It is slow building, and essentially shows off John’s gritty vocals and underlying instrumentals. Not much else is going on with this song and that is not a bad thing either. It’s simple and easy to consume.

You AM I – ‘The Waterboy’

‘The Waterboy’ is the newest single from You AM I, and it has nothing to do with the 90s Adam Sandler movie of the same name. Although, after listening to the song, it could have done with some Bobby Boucher. Nonetheless, you can’t go wrong with You AM I. They are absolute legends and have proven time and time again or great they are as a well oiled unit; they hardly need any praise from me.

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