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Australian artist MUKI is in the same boat as Myxi Bun for me, they both make fun electronic-pop music that deserves to be shared. That is the case with Muki’s newest single, ‘I Make Boys Cry‘, a song that tells you exactly what it is all about in its name. Although, the song did originally grow out of a breakup.

“I Make Boys Cry was a concept I came up with when I was feeling a little guilty for breaking up with somebody,” Muki explains. “But I wanted to twist it to be a bit more fun and sassy (of course), so I turned the concept into a little bit of a dance anthem instead.”

The video version of the song is only one minute, you can find the entire song here. ‘I Make Boys Cry’ is a fresh taste of what is to come off Muki’s EP ‘Car Crash Through Your Heart: Part 1‘, due out in 2021.

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