On today’s menu: Kovic wakes up tomorrow, Serhat Durmus and Georgia Ku have feelings, Khazali travels, Carina Jade gets in trouble, Modeling try to forget, Brandon Alexander gets nostalgic, The Ghost of Helags say bye bye to Tokyo, ENTITY is confused, Aibai and Swims glow, Transviolet explore California, and more in today’s round up of delicious new releases.

Kovic – ‘Wake Up Tomorrow’

Serhat Durmus – ‘My Feelings (feat. Georgia Ku)’

Serhat Durmus and Georgia Ku have made names for themselves in their own respective genres, so when the two worlds come together, you just know they are going to produce something incredible. Which is the case with ‘My Feelings’, a song that showcases Serhat’s great production skills and Georgia’s impeccable accompanying vocals.

Khazali – ‘NYC to CDG’

ENTITY – ‘How Did You Get Into My Bed’

Classifying ENTITY as “soft and sensual” would be an understatement, because ENTITY’s newest single ‘How Did You Get Into My Bed‘ is not only an ode to the feeling of waking up somewhere you wish you hadn’t, but it also serves as a platform for ENTITY to showcase more of her delicate, finely tuned vocals, while bringing together her world of sound in a nicely tied package.

Carina Jade – ‘Trouble’

Carina Jade is a British alternative-pop artist and ‘Trouble‘ is another strong indication of what Carina is able to produce with hardly any effort at all. Offering a solid mix of underlying, soothing synths and overarching vocals, Carina’s ‘Trouble’ is a fantastic follow up to her debut single.

Modeling – ‘Nothing Unexpected’

Coming off the release of Modeling‘s upcoming EP, is their third single ‘Nothing Unexpected‘. Offering a glimpse into their world through synths, underlying building and recurring lyrics, this new song showcases a good common trope of the trio – taking the essence of what makes synth-pop beautiful and mixing it with a strong strong, catchy story through their lyrics.

What’s not to like about Modeling? It’s sublime synth-pop at its best.

Aibai – ‘Glow’

Aibai and Swims are a team I didn’t know I wanted, or needed, because as soon as I heard ‘Glow’, I was instantly hooked to whatever they were singing out; which in this case, is a story about being outdoors and immersing yourself in nature. That’s it.

Transviolet – ‘Drugs In California’

While not as dark or fun as their previous singles ‘Undo & ‘Small Victory‘ (which I absolutely loved), Transviolet’s newest single, and second offering of 2021, ‘Drugs In California‘, takes a distorted look at toxic relationships through the use of slow burning, minimal pop instrumentals and Sarah’s soothing vocals.

Transviolet are what happens when you take four creatives and let them run wild in the world of pop. Still a lot to explore and worth watching.

The Ghost of Helags – ‘Bye Bye Tokyo’

I am fast becoming a big fan of The Ghost of Helags. Having previously been covered on Eat This Music December and July, respectively, Teresa and John are showcasing more of what has made me personally a fan: sublime instrumentals and Teresa’s soothing vocals. It’s all you need!

Brandon Alexander – ‘Nostalgia Kills’

Nostalgia Kills‘ is the newest single from US-based artist Brandon Alexander. Following on from the release of his 2020 record “Head over Heels“, Brendon has continued to showcase his great sense of mixing minimal lyrics and instrumental aesthetics to move his story forward. ‘Nostalgia Kills’ does the aforementioned in a way that gives of a sense of nostalgia in its own right, in which the song’s world is able to transpire its slow-building nostalgia feel (pun intended).

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