On today’s menu: Renny & CASA X have a sweet Valentine, Eskimo Joe find 99 ways to deal with lockdown, Basic Television find a creeper, Bad Idea get happy, Cherryade scream, Lalalow shine brightly through deprivation and more on today’s round up of delicious new releases.

Eskimo Joe – ’99 Ways’

It has been a while since I last covered Eskimo Joe on Eat This Music. In fact, the last time Eskimo Joe were even remotely covered on Eat This Music was back in July 2020 when they released ‘Say Something’. However, with the new material being released this year from the three-piece, now was better than ever to share new music!

With the video for 99 Ways, Eskimo Joe have conveyed an experience of what each band member went through during lockdown; the internet became their universe, and the only way most people were able to communicate with each other was through messaging and social media – which I think the band have summed up pretty well.

Renny – ‘Sweet Valentine (feat. CASA X)’

And here I was thinking this was just going to be your typical song about love. In fact, the two worlds of Australian artists Renny and CASA X have come together perfectly on “Sweet Valentine”, which is a solid love anthem. Although, this is not just your typical song about love, because its strengths are shine prominently in its visual depiction.

Renny’s vocals and lyricism are on point; his production (specifically the keys) are on point, and the added cut-in with CASA X work well to accompany the shift in tone after the trumpet solo.

Cherryade – ‘Scream’

Cherryade are a highly underrated duo out of the UK and I always can find time to share something they have released – whether on the radio program or as part of a compilation – there really ins’t much else I could add to what I have already said about the duo in the past here, here, here, and numerous other times… so I will just let the music speak for itself this time.

Bad Idea – ‘Happy’

Bad Idea are a rowdy four piece (both musically and always, in general) out of Leeds. And their newest single “Happy” is a great indication of what they have planned for 2021 and the direction they want to take the band as a whole – if you don’t go off their previous songs “High School Music” and “Your So Cool”, which are just as cool and a great indication of what the band can create as any.

Lalalow – ‘Sensory Deprivation’

Lalalow is a beautifully put together project and they let the music they have created speak for itself, with the lyrics playing second to the world of sound they want to present to the listener. ‘Sensory Deprivation’ is a great example of what the industrial electronic duo of what Nina and Tommi can do.

Basic Television – ‘Creeper’

Basic Television are like a darker, less distorted version CHVRCHES, and their single ‘Creeper’ offers a great combination of pop essentially and darker electronic vibes, where their lead singer’s voice takes control with the instrumentals playing underneath to a song that works as a great companion to their already released debut EP.

Blue Collar – ‘Gänsehaut’

Blue Collar is an electronic artist out of Germany, and he not simply a ‘nom de plume’, the project is rather an ambition: a declaration of intent and identity of a musician who professes his artistic belief.

Blue Collar’s Gänsehaut is an electronic instrumental ride, that is dominated by its euphoric production – featuring metallic vibes and underlying rhythms; Blue Collar is able to tell a whole lot while not saying anything at all (lyrically).

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