On today’s menu: NOTD & Catello find nobody in their video, GATTÜSO finds somebody in his audio, Mako & Jan Blomqvist ride a Roller Coaster together, Clara Jones is just an ordinary person, Kaleena Zanders looks for a remedy, Dizzy Fae does a 360 (Baby), KADEBOSTANY take Valeria Stoica to the Moon!, Vallens still waits, Tarah Who? show some manners, Bad Visuals close doors, and more on today’s round up of delicious new releases.

NOTD, Catello – ‘Nobody’

Swedish production duo NOTD and Catello have teamed up for “Nobody,” a song that essentially sees the individual project enlist the help of Brooke James (the director) to showcase their visual interpretation of their single – which originally came out in October 2020.

“We’re huge fans of her work and we’re so happy that she took up the project with us,” NOTD expresses on the working relationship with Brooke. “The physical setting she chose and the emotions brought out by the cast placed the song in just the world we imagined.”

Great talent. Great dance track. Not much else to say.

GATTÜSO – ‘Somebody’

New York City-based DJ, GATTÜSO kick off his 2021 campaign with the electrifying house anthem “Somebody.” Highlighted by his sublime bassline and gritty digital drums, this song is made to make you move – and if it doesn’t, then there is something serious wrong with you.

Mako – ‘Roller Coaster (Jan Blomqvist Remix)’

Taking full advantage of what made the original such a hit and turning it up to 11, Jan Blomqvist’s remix of Los Angeles’ Mako’s original brings together delicate melodic house and mixes it with a deep cut of underlying world building.

Dizzy Fae – ‘360 Baby’

“360 Baby” is the newest single from Minneapolis-based artist Dizzy Fae, and it is a glitchy, audacious, track about lust. It also transfixes her vocal range in a way that transmissions its nature through gritty vibes and an underlay of electronic motions.

Clara Jones – ‘Ordinary Person’

Clara Jones is just your ordinary person, with ordinary worries. Although, the Montreal mainstay has proven how great her vocal reach is, and how with a sublime underlay of synths can produce an impeccable 2 minutes and 30 seconds of soothing aesthetics.

Kaleena Zanders – ‘Remedy’

Usually Kaleena is known for collaborating with FINNEAS, however, if this is the type of content the Los Angeles native is able to produce, then she doesn’t need him at all. “Remedy” is a big song, full of exploration, lyrical prowess and its a solid platform for Kaleena to show off what she can do lyrically and aesthetically in her world building.

KADEBOSTANY – ‘Take Me To The Moon (feat. Valeria Stoica)’

Vallens – ‘Why Are You Still Waiting’

Toronto project Vallens has given fans a much needed taste of what they have to offer in 2021 with their newest single – taken from their forthcoming album “In Era”. “What Are You Still Waiting” is one of the many feelings Robyn Philips of Vallens is current wanting to produce as her style and taste, and musicianship.

“It’s so rare that you actually get that and I think I achieved that,” Robyn expresses on the forthcoming album as a whole. “So I’m just proud of it. I don’t necessarily know that everyone’s gonna resonate with it, but it feels nice to feel strong in your own feelings about it.”

Tarah Who? – ‘Manners’

Tarah Who? are fast becoming one of my favourite bands – so it is only a given that I cover their newest single ‘Manners’, especially after only coming across their single Swallow That Pill. ‘Manners’ on the other hand is a great addition. And while it is not as fast, hectic and right in your face as STP, this new song is a great indication of what they can create without having to be LOUD and frantic.

Bad Visuals – ‘Closing Doors’

With rock essentials for days, Oakland’s Bad Visuals showcase a layered and devoted sound held together by instrumental effects, which go even higher than 11, Oakland-based Bad Visuals blends shoegaze atmospherics with punk and post-hardcore influences to craft a style equal parts gritty and melodic.

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