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Penfriend is the project of Bristol-based music producer, songwriter and artist Laura and her newest single ‘Exotic Monsters’ is a song that showcases a strong world of lyrical prowess and sublime underlying instrumentals that work as a great basis of the story she is trying to tell, which is about the perception of monsters (humans) we perceive to be all around us, whom are more similar than re realise.

“We’re more connected than ever, yet we’re becoming more polarized,” Penfriend explains. “The pandemic promised a coming together of communities yet, as the third UK lockdown grinds grimly on, the people in my area of Bristol have battened down the proverbial hatches.”

It is easy to feel like we live on a different planet from our fellow humans sometimes, so with this video, Penfriend wanted to bring the artwork for the single to life, to suggest that perhaps the monsters we perceive to be all around us are more similar to us than different.

“I spent 20 hours constructing 3D paper masks, set up a green screen in my living room and used up two of my daily exercise sessions to create this oddball trip into my imagination, Penfriend continues. “Enjoy!”

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