On Today’s Menu here at Eat This Music: Commandeur bends walls with Lola Scott, The Thing About Beks, The Lounge Society lounge around, Purple Disco Machine releases fireworks (not the Katy Perry kind), Nocturnal Animals make waves, Jordan Merrick enjoys a rainy day, (Michael) Dunstan Checks In, Yuma X could be so good, Jofi causes a catastrophe, Someone kinda like Rosie Cima, Art d’Ecco gives you a head rush, Revenge Wife synchronises with the universe in her solo debut, and more.

Purple Disco Machine – ‘Fireworks (feat. Moss Kena & The Knocks)’

Following on from the release of ‘Hypnotized‘ earlier April 2020, Purple Disco Machine has teamed up with British artist Moss Kena, and the New York-based electronic duo The Knocks on a new single full of ‘Fireworks’, deep dance beats, and feel good melodies that showcase the strong connect between the three individual projects.

Commandeur – ‘already gone (walls are bending)’

already gone (walls are bending)’ is Commandeur’s newest song and it is filled with sublime acidic bass lines, arpeggiating synths and features hauntingly euphoric vocals by Lola Scott (Sydney).

Yuma X – ‘Could Be So Good’

Yuma X is the musical project of Sydney vocalist Lucy and producer Jake. Their newest single together is titled ‘We Could Be So Good’, and it is a solid mix of underlying synth instrumentals and hazy emotions full of energetic pop essentialials.

Beks – ‘The Thing About Us’

Brisbane-based Beks has today released her catchy, pop bop video for her latest single, ‘The Thing About Us‘, which showcases a song mix of poignant lyrical prowess and dance floor aesthetics in her production. Beks has a track for you that you can cry to on the dance floor as well…

Jofi – ‘Catastrophe’

Mixing a world of synths, witty lyricism and hazy atmospheres, Sydney-based artist Jofi has made another song full of captivating music that draws you in and has you hanging around till the end.

Revenge Wife – ‘Earthquake’

“I really love the song and music video,” Revenge Wife says on the release of her debut solo single. And I couldn’t agree more! The video and audible presentation of Revenge Wife’s song both showcase pure expressions of what Liz is feeling right now.

Nocturnal Animals – ‘Articuno Makes Waves’

Adelaide’s Nocturnal Animals came bursting made quite a name for themselves after the release of their debut last year, releasing 4-singles where showed a distinctive array of alternative rock/punk sounds. Kicking off their 2021 campaigns with ‘Articuno Makes Waves’, is a create indication of what the three-piece have to offer. Enjoy the ride.

Jordan Merrick – ‘This Rainy Day’

Anyone remember that classic opening montage from Happy Gilmore? I feel this song from Jordan Derrick would work perfectly in that opening montage. Maybe it’s the slow burning effect of the song, or Jordan’s euphoric vocals – either way, this song is beautiful.

Michael Dunstan – ‘Above The Falls’

Above The Falls‘ is one of those songs perfect for the drive up the coast, or towards some sort of sunny, beach – preferably on a windy day! Michael’s voice is soothing, the vibes are pleasing and his story is comfy.

Art D’Ecco – ‘Head Rush’

Art D’Ecco is a great change of pace to what is normally out there in the alternative rock sphere. Laden with a hypnotic guitar solo, hazy synths, big horns and visual illusions to showcase the tape format, Art D’Ecco offers a song about the head rush of youth, incorporating how nostalgia is a powerful drug, and how it distorts and reframes the past, often reconciling memories into one place for easy access and to better suit current disposition or state of mind.

Rosie Cima & What She Dreamed – ‘Another Sundown’

Everyone needs someone kinda like Rosie Cima in their lives. Not only does Rosie have an amazing voice, but she also has great skills on the assortment of instruments displayed at the forefront of this song. Her backing band, the ‘What She Dreamed’ are a great addition to a solid performance already established.

The Lounge Society – ‘Cain’s Heresy’

The Lounge Society (out of Yorkshire) have today shared their new single ‘Cain’s Heresy‘, and have subsequently announced information for their debut EP ‘Silk For The Starving’, due out for release June 18 2021 via Speedy Wunderground. This new single hits back at the negligent political class with minimal effort, shakes with the propulsion of its nimble rhythm section, full of humble lyrics.

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