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Today’s delicious Eat This Song of the Day comes from artist Mark Maxwell. Following on from a stellar 2020 with the releases of ‘To the Light‘, ‘Say It (Like That)‘ and ‘Dance‘, Mark has returned with an offering that originally gained inspiration from the time he, as a teenager, broke into an empty power station.

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Artist: Mark Maxwell
Song: You Beside Me
Label: Club Sweat (Australia)
Where: Spotify | Bandcamp | Tidal
Amazon | Apple | Deezer
Release date: 19 February

“We all did stupid stuff when we were teenagers,” Mark reminisces about the inspiration of his newest single. “My mates and I broke into abandoned buildings, trawled through tunnels, and climbed bridges at 2am.”

One night, though, Mark and his friends were sprinting away after setting off the security alarm in an old, empty power station. There were three of them, pushing each other up over fences and shouting to make sure they all got back to the car unscathed: “I’d never run so fast and even after tripping over, my best mate was there to grab me by the back of my shirt and get me back onto my feet,” Mark continues. “I wanted to capture the pulsing pace of nights like this.”

Those nights that widened the eyes and got the heart racing influences this song heavily. Those nights that you could only laugh about when he and his friends were all safe back in the car. ‘You Beside Me’ is all about just that, frantic heart rates and loyal best mates.

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