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Bec Taylor and The Lyrebirds is a brand new band full of alternative pop and folkie tones. Thehis new project came out of a bunch of new songs Bec Taylor wrote after travelling to Nashville in 2019 before the pandemic, and Bec just got so inspired, she couldn’t stop writing songs. “I was writing in a classic singer-songwriter style with just an acoustic guitar, so I decided to work with producer Louis Montgomery to bring the songs into a more modern, pop sound,” Bec tells Eat This Music.

“I am going pretty well,” Bec continues. “Canberra has been pretty sheltered from the lockdowns and restrictions other cities have had to deal with, so the music scene has been bubbling away with lots of new music coming out.” Bec Taylor and the Lyrebirds was also a pandemic project, where Bec spent the last quarter of the year recording and testing the songs out with the new band in a few small live gigs.

'Friend of Mine' single cover
Band: Bec Taylor and the Lyrebirds
Song: Friend of Mine
Label: Buttercup Records
Where: Soundcloud
Connect: Facebook | Instagram

Bec Taylor and The Lyrebirds’ ‘Friend of Mine‘ is about the ups and downs of friendships. Bec wrote it one day after being really frustrated by one of her friends, but she realised that both of them have their flaws, and part of their friendship is helping each other see past those flaws and focusing on what they do well together. It made Bec realise that there aren’t enough songs written about friendship! So she decided to try it out.

“The full band song with Louis’s production is more jubilant and upbeat than the original song, which sounds a bit more poignant when its just with an acoustic guitar.” — Bec Taylor on the creation of ‘Friend of Mine’.

The creative process for all the songs on Bec Taylor and The Lyrebirds’ upcoming album has been really interesting and quite different from the way Bec has made records in the past with her other bands. “I did some really bare demos of all the songs on the guitar, and then had a production brainstorming session with Louis my producer,” Bec explains. “He sent me away to do a garageband demo myself with loop drums, strat electric guitar and piano with lots of vocals.” From there, Bec and the band ripped it apart and rerecorded it professionally, adding lots of little details, highs and lows and layers.

Bec Taylor and The Lyrebirds are just now finishing mixing their full length album ‘Adrift,’ that will be released in May through Buttercup Records. It’s a beautiful restrained album full of catchy short songs of alt-pop, folk tunes, and some pop rock. Now that ‘Friend of Mine’ is out, the band will follow up with ‘Shed My Skin’ – the second single off their album in early April. And then release Adrift in May.

“I am hoping we get to do a small tour to release it – but I guess we just have to wait and see,” Bec concludes.

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