Photo credit: Paul O'Keeffe

Today’s delicious Eat This Song of the Day comes from United Kingdom artist Liela Moss. In fact, this song is a remix of her 2020 single ‘Atmos At Me‘, which comes off the release of Liela’s upcoming album ‘Who The Power (Reformed)‘, due out for release March 26.

As far as remixes go, this is a good one, a long way too. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Coming in around seven minutes, ‘Atmos At Me’ is a big song, and has a lot of world to explore; from the beginning of the sublime instrumentals to the overarching vocal range of Liela herself. UNKLE‘s instrumentals and digital production are smooth and offer a lot of underlying dominance of escapism.

Great remix. It’s an easy song to consume and works well as background music.

Connect with Liela Moss: Twitter
Connect with UNKLE: Twitter

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