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Weekend Recovery is Lori, Loz, Isaac, however, the three-piece out of Leeds was very different at the start of 2020 for so many reasons. Firstly, a different line up, sadly, former members Josh and Marcus both stepped away from the band during lockdown, 2020 has been a real awakening for so many reasons, the band’s album was coming out, they were all super stoked to start strong, but obviously everything stopped.

But with all the bad, there is some great things, Lori from Weekend Recovery personally worked on other ways to be creative and keep in touch with fans and keep her vision alive and kicking.

“Weekend Recovery in 2021 is full of hope and drive, ready to drop this album we’ve worked so hard toward, the only thing I will say is I’m sad to not to be able to celebrate this huge achievement with Josh and Marcus who wrote the album, performed the album, and recorded it,” Lori from Weekend Recovery tells Eat This Music in our chat about their album. “But everything happens for a reason and it’s just part of the journey and growth. We are more than well rested, have a new line up so a new energy, and have a clear head of what we want to achieve and when.”

Personally, living in the current COVID climate has been testing as hell for Lori, she lives on her own, so it has been a little lonely at times, but she has focused all of her time and energy into making herself a better version, and really focusing on how anything is achievable with practice, hope and belief.

“We’ll get there in the end, whatever that looks like, but for now we’ve all got to work together to make it safe again.” — Lori from Weekend Recovery on today’s climate.

'False Company' album cover
Band: Weekend Recovery
EP: False Company
Label: Criminal Records
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Weekend Recovery’s debut album ‘False Company‘ is a comment on how people will fake friendships, relationships, business relationships all sorts to further themselves. So many times Lori has had conversations with people (especially in the music industry) where they want to be her best friend all the time they can get something from her.

Lori adds, “Sometimes it’s really obvious, others it’s not so much, but it leaves me feeling really uneasy when I meet people like ‘what do you want?’ then they’ll ask me how to get onto Radio X or how I know X person, and then I’m like ah, there it is.’ And it’s sad because it leaves me feeling like I can’t trust anyone, that isn’t to say everyone is the same, but it happens so often!”

Because these songs represent all feelings close to Lori, she can still really relate too them. “I try to make my songs quite general so a broader audience can relate to them rather than something really specific to me,” Lori says. “I know I’ve seen bands before where I’ve loved a song because I can fully relate, then they stand and say ‘Oh, this song is about a sandwich I ate last week.’ And then I’m left not being able to relate to a cheese sandwich, and it kinda kills it for me.”

The creative process of this record for Weekend Recovery was pretty simple, a lot of hours were spent with Lori sitting in Josh’s spare room humming tunes and saying “I want it to sound like this,” or crappy voice messages Lori made whilst out and about and expecting Josh to make top and tail of any of it. Essentially the album came at a time where she was experimenting with a lot of new pedals and sounds – Lori had a very strong idea of what she wanted to create at the time and she truly thinks the band got it pretty close.

Lori met someone that year in 2020 that she will always respect, and took a lot of influence from her awe on how they work and incorporated it into the album: “I can’t really ever write a song thats doesn’t come from a place that I can’t relate too, it would feel very wrong singing about something I didn’t full believe in,” Lori says.

With the release of this album, Lori’s message to listeners is to be kind, don’t use people for your own personal gain, and be genuine because it’s so easy to see through and also it’s lame. Just be nice!

2021 looks to be a big year for the three-piece, as they are getting ready to record a new EP, which Lori is super excited to record. It is gonna be a little different to what they have released before.

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