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Lana Chalfoun is an up and coming artist and she is currently doing great… or so she tells Eat This Music. Although, Lana has mostly been very busy lately with the release of her new single and finishing school.

“I actually completely changed the perspective of the song about sixth months after writing it,” Lana says about the release of her single, “Cut Off“. “Originally, I had the chorus written, and it was a sad song about missing the person that you’ve broken up with.”

“I came back to the song months after the said relationship, and wrote it from the opposite perspective of the other person missing you, and you cutting them off.” — Lana on the creation of her song “Cutt Off”.

Lana’s “Cut Off” isn’t particularly about one situation in her life, but Lana has definitely experienced the emotions and situations presented in the song. It is versatile to many peoples’ experiences.

“I just hope everyone that listens will be able to relate to it, and maybe take away a sense of empowerment and strength,” Lana continues in our chat. “Ultimately, music is supposed to be interpreted, so at the end of the day, I just want the song to mean something to people, whatever that may be.”

Lana is the type of artist that is constantly writing and making new music. She will definitely be releasing more music soon, but not any that she was able to announce yet.

Although, one of her main goals is to be able to perform in front of people: “I miss the stage and I miss being able to share my music live with people, and see them singing along,” Lana expresses. “It’s definitely one of my favorite parts of being a musician, and hopefully after covid calms down, I can start performing again.”

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