The Backfires were a band called Qualia Noir at the beginning of 2020. After ups and downs and plenty of backfires to go around, the band decided to change their name to the Backfires – a name that is just a bit easier to pronounce. In 2020, The Backfires were able to finish their EP ‘Consider the Backfires’ albeit virtually via Zoom and FaceTime. Despite being separated by oceans and state lines, The Backfires have become even closer friends over the past year.

In 2021, The Backfires are even more ambitious than last year, setting their sights on the EP and projects to come afterwards. “We have been busying ourselves with frequent Zoom songwriting sessions, and we are eager to get together and record more music in the summer, The Backfires tell Eat This Music. “Though we have been separated for nearly a year at this point, we still text and video chat perpetually.”

The pandemic has changed the lives and views on the future. That being said, if not for the pandemic, The Backfires may not have come to fruition as the band members’ respective ideas about the direction of the band were all over the place and there was significant tension about not being in the same place.

“Now that the necessity to being in the same country or state has been negated due to travel restrictions and cancelled shows, we have been able to shift our focus to writing new music,” The Backfires continue. “While the pandemic separated us physically, it brought us together as a band and propelled us into the next phase of our creative ambitions.”

‘Consider the Backfires’ is an EP about the growing pains of coming of age when moving to a new city or going to university. The EP is centered around long distance relationships and loneliness and the coping mechanisms turned to when feeling lost.

The EP didn’t shape the songs as much as the songwriting shaped the EP. “When writing the songs, there was not a fixed direction in mind for the EP,” the band state. “But, after the songs had been written the obvious themes and stories came together, providing an overarching narrative for the project.”

With that said, the lyrics in the EP are all based on the band’s own experiences, and they tried to create stories that evoke their respective emotions. The initial creative process of the EP took place both virtually and in person in London and America. The band wrote the songs collaboratively and came together in person to record the songs in January 2020.

The Backfires’ lives were fundamental to the creation of the EP. The songwriting shaped the EP and, in turn, their lives shaped the songs. Each song is a direct reflection of something that happened to one of the band members at some time. For example, ‘Falling’ is about the uncertainty and excitement experienced when entering a new relationship. The bridge of the song is meant to act as a musical metaphor for the ominous sense of doubt that comes with new romance and the reassurance one often seeks when diving deeper in feelings. ‘Before the Sunrise’ is about online dating apps and the emptiness of hookup culture. ‘The Man’ and ‘Going Gets Easy’ are about identity crises and using nights out as a coping mechanism. ‘Anything’ and ‘Preoccupied’ are centered around long distance relationships between the UK and America.

While ‘Anything’ and ‘The Man’ are the lead singles, The Backfires believe the other tracks have merits in their own right. ‘Before the Sunrise’ is very much influenced by the British indie rock bands of the 2000s such as Arctic Monkeys. ‘Preoccupied’ takes the British indie rock and blends it with American pop-punk of the same time. ‘Falling’ has more of a groovy pop-rock reminiscent of John Mayer or James Bay. There is something for everyone, but if you like having fun and blasting music in the car, the entire EP is for you.

“We hope that listening to lyrics written by our 19-year-old angsty selves will bring reassurance to anyone who can relate to the stories they describe. How anyone interprets the lyrics though, is up to them. — The Backfires on their EP.

“We have written many songs since the last time we recorded and we are already putting songs together for what will be our next set of singles and EP,” the band continue. “We are exceptionally excited.”

In 2021 The Backfires are looking forward to making music videos for certain songs on the project with the next being ‘Going Gets Easy’. ‘Anything’ and ‘The Man’ are set to be used in a movie called ‘Forgotten Writers Club’ – a film set to release later this year. “Beyond this project, we hope to get together after border restrictions lift, and hopefully by the end of the year play live shows,” The Backfires conclude.

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