In the first half of 2020, Good Bison was incredibly disorganised and unfocused. “I lost a lot of the momentum I had picked up in the past year because I could no longer organize live shows, and I couldn’t figure out how to make the most of my time during quarantine,” Pablo of Good Bison tells Eat This Music. “I finally released a song at the end of May that I had written back in January, and that was the motivation I needed to get back into the studio.”

After that, Pablo started writing more music together, came up with a game plan and put together a team to help him launch this new era. Mauri Viladegutt, George Spits and Pablo wrote and recorded songs for a new EP, and Pablo collaborated with Visual Director Krölhaus to determine how he wanted to present not only the project, but Good Bison in general. “I would say my biggest accomplishments were learning to fully trust my creative vision, and finding the right people to help me bring it to life,” Pablo tells Eat This Music.

Pablo is really excited about 2021, to see everything he and is team have worked on in 2020 to go out into the world and hopefully leave its mark. “I’m putting everything I have into this release, but I see it as only the beginning, he states. “Even though I’ve been putting out music for over 10 years now, in a lot of ways I feel like these are my first real steps.”

“I’m incredibly motivated to keep pushing forward and building something truly special,” — Pablo on Good Bison.

Good Bison’s newest single “Scattered Storms” is about not getting overwhelmed by the bad times in your life. Enjoy the good moments, but also appreciate and learn from your negative experiences. There’s nothing wrong with feeling down, as long as you don’t let yourself get sucked into a black hole. Storms come and go.

At the time, Pablo had no idea what he wanted to say when he first started working on this EP. “I usually just start writing and let myself ramble and it’s only later that the point becomes clear to me,” he explains. “I should probably learn to think before I speak, but that’s never been my strong suit.”

The truth is “Scattered Storms” has been years in the making, even if Pablo only consciously started to work on it over the summer. After releasing “That’s Bodhi” in 2017, Pablo began playing more guitar and writing songs on there, which he had never done before. As soon as Pablo realized he wanted to put out an EP, he knew “Since I Left Miami” and “Lunatic” had to be a part of it. Those were the first songs Pablo wrote on guitar. Pablo then worked closely with Mauri to write a few more songs, and then it was really George who brought them home by laying down the drums and playing with the production.

“My life has always played a huge role in my music, but I’d say it’s especially on display in “Scattered Storms”,” Pablo continues in our chat. “I grew up listening to Hip Hop, and you had to be real in Hip Hop.” The personal and vulnerable nature of the lyrics is what drew Pablo to the genre, and that’s something that he places a ton of value on when it comes to his own songwriting.

“When I say “All my clothes lay unfolded on the floor” in “Since I Left Miami” that’s one hundred percent. Not anymore, but it was at the time.” — Pablo on Good Bison’s music.

“I think the best way to consume this EP is start to finish,” Pablo continues. “It’s quick, you can listen to it in less than 10 minutes.” In fact, to Pablo, all the songs are part of a puzzle, so they make more sense when viewed together as a whole. When you finish “Scattered Storms”, he would want listeners to feel a sense of warmth. Even though it’s somewhat melancholic, it’s still optimistic and hopeful. We’re all out here doing our best and dealing with our own struggles. But we’re not alone.

Right now Pablo (and Good Bison) is mostly focused on “Scattered Storms”. “I will be releasing visualizers for “Black Garlic” and “Since I Left Miami” that I’m super excited about,” Pablo reveals. “And I’m also looking to organize more virtual performances.” Although, Pablo does have another single called “I Can’t Seem To Find My Place” that he hopes to drop in the not-too-distant future, so anyone who’s hungry for new music won’t have to wait too long.

“I would love to be able to perform live, I’m eager to get back in front of an audience, but we’ll see how things go,” Pablo tells Eat This Music before he leaves out chat. “For the moment I just hope people connect with “Scattered Storms” and that I can continue to grow and keep building this community.

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