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Mango In Euphoria is a bold artist who truly wants to bring authenticity to this world. The pandemic is not stopping her productivity in any way!

“I am writing my story, I am writing about experiences, and even though I like to bring some life to my outfits and makeups, it’s 100% me,” Mango In Euphoria tells Eat This Music. “I just want to stay true to myself and inspire people, to also show them you don’t need to build up a story to be happy.” Although, Mango In Euphoria truly believes people are the best version of themselves when they find a balance, a harmony. It also allows an audience to connect with you organically.

Mango is not too far from her real name, Manon. It was found randomly by her partner and ironically, the mango is also her favorite fruit. “But Mango itself sounded too simple to me and very common,” Mango says to Eat This Music. “I didn’t want to give myself a regular English sounding last name, so I needed something original, reflecting the fact that I’m always in the clouds, a little bit crazy, and in my own world.”

Mango has always been like that, even at school, Mango wasn’t listening to the teachers, she was writing stories, songs and poems instead, or she was drawing doodles in the corner of her notebook (and it would cost her a few hours of detention [laughs]): “I’ve always been bubbly and quirky to a lot of people, and they could notice the way I was euphoric during my manic moments, so this is why I choose ‘In Euphoria’ to go with Mango,” Mango continues.

Never Be The Same” is the most recent single Mango has released. Speaking on the single, Mango reveals that she was judged a lot when she was younger and living in France: “People would make me feel bad for being different,” she explains. “But after traveling for a couple of years, notably after living in the United States then coming a year later to London where I found my real friends, I started to embrace myself.”

“Like ‘fxxx off, this is who I am. Take it or leave it, I don’t want to be sorry for not fitting in your standards.” These close friends helped me gain a lot of confidence.” — Mango In Euphoria on who she is as a person

“Never Be the Same” is mostly about being proud of being different. Mango can’t deny there are some special mentions like “I was your best girlfriend” as a cheeky shoutout to her exes or old friends, or “and I forgot to talk about these stupid copycats, hating on me so much but how much do I inspire”, ’cause she has been dealing with some people trying to steal her style and her creativity. That type of thing genuinely pissed her off, although, she is aware everyone is inspired from everyone in the industry: “[but] when it’s close to the copy, and when they spit on your back, and actually love what you do, oh my god… It’s really annoying,” she says. “But in the end I’ve learned to consider these people as my biggest fans and go on with my life.”

“When it goes “but the dirty truth is right in front of you” in the chorus, it means that not matter how this or this person sees me, I have an endless creativity that gives me life and it’s enough for me to feel good.” — Mango In Euphoria on her song “Never Be The Same”.

“I want to be an advocate for all the misfits,” Mango continues in our chat. “The ones who don’t feel understood because they don’t think or do things like the others. It’s hard to be different sometimes but it’s also super cool. You have to fight for who you are!”

And about that melody that stays in your head, Mango first created it on a virtual piano on her iPad, then her producer Philippe Francq whom she works with remotely, did a wonderful job with the instrumental track.

“My life… oh my god if I tell you everything it would be too long! [laughs],” Euphoria emphasises on the influence of her music. “I’ve basically been through a lot of tough struggles during my young years, but I’ve also worked my ass off to be able to go away, travel and build myself around the world.”

Mango needed to connect with the right people and gain experience: “I’ve always had a gypsy soul,” she continues. “But even when I was living on the other side of the Atlantic, I learned a lot of lessons too.”

“Friends became strangers. Strangers became friends. I never felt at home in my natal country. I’ve always felt more comfortable anywhere else, even in a room of 6 people in a busy London hostel!” — Mango In Euphoria on her life.

“I have a third single coming up soon because even though I’m working with little means at the moment I don’t want to let potential fans without nothing,” Mango reveals on what she has planned for 2021. “All I can say is that the next release is going to be very personal and it has strong Twin Peaks vibes in the instrumental, just like my very first single “Crystals”. The lyrics are raw and intimate at the same time.”

Mango is taking 2021 just as it comes. She isn’t the type that wants to stress herself, or rush herself, however, she is working on her musical project every single day to not lose track. “My brain is always coming up with new ideas that I have to write down because sometimes it gets overwhelming,” Mango tells Eat This Music. “So I am not worried, I know that I will keep bringing content despite the strange times that we are facing.”

“I really hope I can gig a lot in London with my backing band, as it is for sure the best way to connect with fans,” Mango continues. “But if it’s not possible, I’ll make sure I stay in touch with people.”

You might also discover later more topics in Mango’s music, and through it you will learn more about her as a pan-sexual person, as it’s a big important part of her personality.

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