Andy John Jones is a singer-songwriter from Birmingham in the UK, and he is someone that is trying to remain positive that live music will return at least some day! In the mean time, Andy is really happy to be able to put out a series of new music throughout 2021 and trying to connect with new and engaged potential new fans/followers.

Andy’s newest single ‘Closer’ is about broken relationships, where the two involved have totally exhausted every argument, every avenue, every option but they just can’t get passed what is ultimately a deadly, sexual history and attraction to one another.

“Well this was one of those songs that definitely wrote itself,” Andy reveals to Eat This Music. “I remember it being done very quickly with little to no re-writes.”

Andy was really inspired by this Oscar Wilde quote where he said: “Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power” and having been through his own fair share of relationships that very much ended in these battle of wits, where sex is absolutely the bar with which the power is measured, Andy certainly had experience to draw on to write the song.

“The overall experience of the song is obviously there and I think everyone can empathise with feeling like they are being controlled through their lust at least once or twice in their lives.” — Andy John Jones

“More specific lyrics that relate to my own personal experiences are the lines “outside are the stains from the venom that we rained, all over last Valentine’s Day” which was inspired by a Valentine’s I’d had in a particularly volatile relationship that ended in a huge and pointless argument outside a restaurant in front of what felt like an army of happy couples,” Andy continues. “It was quite embarrassing [laughs].”

“Well, it’s a pretty sexy tune so if anybody wants to whack it on during their ‘afternoon delight’ as it were, they’re more than welcome to [laughs],” Andy adds. “But I guess to anyone who is experiencing what the song and subject matter is about just to be aware that is what it is and the winner is, ultimately and quite ironically, the one who walks away and moves on.”

‘Closer’ is one of the many songs off the release of Andy’s upcoming debut album, ‘A Night On The Boomtown’, which is coming to streaming platforms in the summer.

As it [A Night On The Boomtown] is Andy’s debut, he wanted to put something out that encompassed all of his influences from Pop, Rock, Funk, Folk, Jazz, Soul and Electronica but yet felt seamless in it’s delivery and interpretation of those genres, something Andy feels people – himself, his producer and his band – have achieved and am very proud to say so.

Andy expands, “I’m heavily inspired by Bruce Springsteen and Arctic Monkeys, among many others, as well and the albums Darkness On The Edge Of Town and AM were, thematically, huge influences on the album in the sense that the songs can stand on their own but within the context of the album they tell the story of A Night On The Boomtown. The album’s inspired by first and second hand experiences both as a bartender and as a frequenter of Birmingham and London’s respective night lives.”

“I also have plans to record covers of Cher’s ‘Believe’ which is a guilty pleasure of mine and ‘Feeling Good’ by Nina Simone,” Andy explains about his 2021 prospects. “But mainly just growing and connecting with people online, really. It’s an incredible time to be a musician because of this first hand access you can have with your fan base and I’m grateful to be able to do that.”

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