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In 2020, Leire started her journey as an independent artist. After a long time stuck in a label, not being able to release music, finally she got back into releasing music last year. So, even if the pandemic was a sad thing, Leire had a reason to be happy.

Leire is, in 2021, the best version of herself. More confident than ever, she’s got many project in mind that she’s going to carry out. She is excited to be able to do what he loves most, create and deliver music.

“I guess it’s not an easy situation,” Leire tells Eat This Music. “I lost my job, which was to sing in the streets of London, and I don’t know when I’ll be able to do it again.” It is true that Leire is being very productive and she is creating and writing, but Leire misses the noise. “I miss it all so much; live music, street performances, even not being able to get on the tube because it’s too crowded,” Leire continues. “But I keep positive, I can already see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Leire’s newest single ‘Waterfall‘ is a song about unity. It talks about fighting for your rights and being strong and finally feeling as free as a waterfall. “It’s about inequality and diversity, whatever that means to you,” Leire reveals. “It can be about race privilege, feminism, LGBTQ collective even bullying. Whatever that comes to your mind and you think ‘That’s not fair’.”

The song had a different meaning when Leire first started writing it. It was in May 2020. There were lots of Black Lives Matter demonstrations going on in London and it was a moment of realisation and clarity to Leire: “I read the word ‘cascades’ somewhere and a waterfall came to my mind,” she adds. “A waterfall meant freedom to me and then I knew I’d write a song about inequality.”

At the time Leire wasn’t thinking about releasing the song because she thought it wasn’t her place. At the end of the day, though, Leire is not black and she’s never been in their skin. But months later, Leire decided she wanted to add a new bridge to the song. “I played the song to my flatmate and asked for her opinion,” Leire explains on the initial creative aspect of the song. “She was who suggested that the song talks about any kind of inequality, and it’s true.”

“This song definitely had an impact on my life,” Leire continues. “As I said, I wasn’t going to do anything with it.” However, Leire realised she had something to say and she could show it to the world from a different perspective. Waterfall is a song that will always make Leire proud. When she is old she’ll think about Waterfall and say ‘I wanted to change the world’.

With all that said, Leire would like listeners to know how and why her song was written, she’d like listeners to see through the song. Leire clarifies, “I think the music video will really help with that. I’d them to feel powerful and confident, and I’d like the song to become an anthem against inequality.”

2021 looks to be a big year for Leire, all things considered. First of all, she is releasing my her EP ‘Me, You, This World’ in February. Apart from that, she is already working on another EP to release after that. “I also know that I want to put out there some acoustic covers of the songs that I sing in the streets,” Leire says. “What’s for sure is that I’ll be constantly releasing music, so be ready!”

“Definitely, gigs,” Leire reveals about her other plans for 2021. “I can’t wait for live music to be back. I see myself releasing music, playing in the streets and gigging. I also hope I keep growing as an artist and keep delivering music that people enjoy.”

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