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Today’s delicious – despite the subject matter – song of the day comes from Jess Locke. Following on from the releases of her 2020 singles Destroy Everything and Fool, is her newest single, ‘Dead and Gone‘.

‘Dead and Gone’ comes off the release of Jess’s new 12-track album – which she announced today, titled ‘Don’t Ask Yourself Why‘; due out for release 26 March – and it is a song about the fundamentals of growth.

“I saw these time lapse videos online of plants moving and bending with the sunlight and I just thought that was really beautiful – those incremental changes that can so easily go unnoticed but are also so important,” Jess reveals. “I suppose the song is fundamentally about growth, so it felt like a good visual metaphor to use for the video.”

‘Dead and Gone’ is not only a beautiful song, but it also showcases Jess’s immaculate vocals and instrumental reach as an artist… even if the topic is as happy-go-lucky.

For the upcoming record, Jess was a lot more open in her writing process than in the past in terms of genre. She tried not to write any particular kind of song and instead just see what kind of style the song wanted to be. Jess explains, “I found it to be an extremely productive way to write. I definitely came up with some pretty weird, and just bad, stuff that didn’t make it onto the record, but it’s the reason all of the songs that did make it are so stylistically diverse.”

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