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In 2020 LEECH had been very much in the shadows. They had a big opportunity early in 2020 year which was then cancelled, for obvious reasons, so LEECH retreated inwards to use the time to grow in strength, in preparation for their next opportunity.

“Our greatest achievement this year [2020] was becoming a better producer, learning and getting comfortable with my DAW and just focusing on being as musically independent as possible,” LEECH tells Eat This Music. “I would consider that to be both the biggest achievement for us both personally and professionally…”

LEECH is surrounded by an immense amount of energy. In fact, LEECH is very hungry and is working everyday to better hone that energy so that it may manifest in its reality. LEECH has a lot to showcase in 2021, the SWAMP sound is constantly evolving and LEECH doesn’t see it slowing down anytime soon.

“I am just getting by at the moment, we live in hell yanno,” LEECH expresses to Eat This Music. “I’m just trying to get through the bullshit, school/work etc. so that I can focus on what really matters. LEECH demands my full attention and I really wish I could give it my everything.”

LEECH’s “Joust Me” is about a difference in opinion between two parties, a joust if you will. It’s both an internal and an external conflict that may never see eye to eye and will therefore naturally self-destruct. That’s one way to look at it, like all of LEECH’s songs, LEECH really places the emphasis on storytelling through emotion. Lyrics are nice but LEECH would much rather not get hung up on that part of creating a song.

“It all started with that beat Andre3w J0hn sent me, randomly on Twitter,” LEECH reveals on the initial creative process of the song. “I really resonated with it, I had been wanting to try my hand at something a bit more poppy than what I had done previously, so this was the perfect excuse.”

Like all of LEECH’s songs, the creative process happened pretty fast, a freestyle or two, stitched favorite parts together from each take, put lyrics on it and sent it back for mixing/mastering. “My creative process is and has always been freestyle centric, just letting LEECH take over and talk his shit yanno,” LEECH continues. “He’s always got something to say…”

“Well…everything that LEECH knows is at least somewhat influenced by what I know,” LEECH says. “I know for me personally the song makes me want to run away and jump into a black hole. There’s a clear yearning for “what’s on the other side” with this song. I don’t know what I might find but I’m unhappy enough with my current situation to risk it all.”

“Did it make you feel literally anything? If so, mission accomplished, onto the next one<3” — LEECH on the release of “Joust Me”

LEECH is working on his next project, in fact, LEECH is still not sure if it will be a full project or an EP, but it will be fantastic and it will be unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. “The energy is massive and it’s shaping up to be an extremely personal and raw collection of songs…rest assured they will be absolute bangers though…that much I can guarantee,” LEECH adds.

“The world may crumble into oblivion but the SWAMP is forever. This will be a year of incredible art and I plan on making a serious contribution courtesy of the SWAMP,” LEECH concludes.

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