Courtney Jacobs is a 22-year-old pop musician originally from Houston, Texas and currently based in Charlottesville, Virginia. Courtney started making music in 2019 with her rock band Silver Retriever, and then began her own pop project in July 2020. Since then Courtney has released four singles under her own name.

Courtney was privileged enough to be able to attend university remotely and work remotely as a software engineer, so she took advantage of the opportunity to create a home recording setup, reach out to artists to collaborate with, and kickstart her music career. It has been very rewarding for Courtney to use her voice to engage and amplify other independent artists who are just starting their careers through her New Indie Gold playlists, which showcases the best new indie rock and pop artists who could use a bigger audience.

Courtney Jacob’s newest single “Miracle” is written from the perspective of a person in a relationship who naturally craves attention, but doesn’t want to be seen as clingy by their partner. The song attempts to find the balance between two different personalities that each relationship is required to negotiate – the balance between closeness and distance, communication and trust. Often, women are conditioned by traditional gender roles to crave constant attention but then are chided for being too needy. And men are conditioned as well to be the “lone wolf” but also pressured to be the answer to every aspect of their partner. These roles apply to all kinds of relationships but speaking from my personal experience, I have felt this way in several relationships, both platonic and romantic.

“Speaking about these conflicting pressures, my goal is not only to bring them to the forefront, but also to assure people that they are not alone in feeling this turmoil, and it is okay if it takes some time to figure it out,” Courtney tells Eat This Music. “Relationships require hard work and it’s not always a straightforward to determine how to fit two personalities together in harmony.”

Courtney also believes that if she looks back on a past comment or action and cringe, that means she has grown as a person. Yet it is so important to look back on previous versions of herself with compassion and remind herrself that she has done the best she could with the knowledge and experience she had. Because, yes, Courtney has been the “whiny one” in a relationship, but without that experience she would not be the person she is today and “Miracle” would never have been born.

“I hope people can resonate with this stage in my life and relate it to a similar stage in theirs; it amazes me that two people can connect on such a deep level through music without ever having met, I hope to provide that experience for people by just speaking from my own life,” Courtney continues.

When Courtney was first writing this song, she thought these concepts were running through her thoughts like undercurrents, but after the lyrics were complete she realised the full impact of her subconscious thoughts.

“I tend to see images first when writing, but the thread connecting those images to a lesson I’ve learned or would like to learn doesn’t usually appear for me until after the first draft of the lyrics is complete,” Courtney says. “Then I make tweaks to bring the theme out a little further and refine the beauty of the lyrics themselves as well as their singability.”

Courtney has a few collaborations releasing over the next two months, starting with “Truth Never Lies” with ArmstrongWW coming out Jan. 15 and a remix of her song “Heat Dream” with Tanner Carlton. “I’ve begun writing my next project, which will be an indie rock EP influenced by the likes of beabadoobee, and I hope to release that in the summer,” Courtney says.

“The EP is one of my bigger goals for 2021, but I will also continue to release pop singles throughout the year,” Courtney reveals on her 2021 prospects. “I hope to continue building a community of independent artists through my playlists and social media.”

Courtney’s greatest goal for 2021 is to find the spark that will go on to define her unique sound. Courtney has been trying out many different genres in 2020 and she will keep doing that in the first half of 2021, but she wants to find her niche by the end of the year so she can lean into it and make a name for herself. “While I’m still new to the game, I’ve enjoyed having no boundaries or criticism for trying new things – the freedom is great. Yet I know I will find even more fulfillment in creating a sound that is just my own,” Courtney concludes.

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