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New York-based artist TALIA is very much in process as a person and artist. Giving herself the space to grow and change brought her to a place of vulnerability in 2020. TALIA’s sound is a culmination of so many different sounds: alternative, R&B, indie, and she has been brave enough to explore all of those genres in 2020.

“I graduated from college in May [2020] which was a huge achievement for me,” TALIA tells Eat This Music. “The pandemic has challenged me to find ways to create visuals and songs with limited resources and people. I’m just proud of the fact that I was able to create so much regardless of any setbacks.”

2020 was a really hard year for everyone and there are definitely ups and downs. TALIA tried to find balance and tune out the negativity as much as possible. “I miss being around humans and feeling inspired by the motion of life, but it’s comforting to know that we are all experiencing this moment together,” TALIA adds. “I’m learning to be ok with the stillness and this moment has given me the time and freedom to be more creative.”

Music has always been very present in TALIA’s life and naturally she gravitated towards it as a way to channel her inner emotions. TALIA and her brothers started playing instruments in Elementary school, in fact, TALIA’s parents were always introducing their children to new music. TALIA expands, “I remember one Christmas we got Rock band and we would play it religiously everyday after school. Music has always been the thing I look forward to in my day and I’m grateful I still get to do it.”

“I think the songwriting style of both songs speak a lot to me as an artist,” TALIA reveals on her 2020 singles, “colder” and “hyde park”. “When I’m recording my vocals I care more about delivering the emotions of the song rather than “perfection”. For me, it’s about storytelling and conveying my songs truthfully.”

‘hyde park’ [above] is about falling in love in a new place. TALIA studied in London for a while and lived a few blocks away from hyde park. There, TALIA spent a lot of her time hanging out there in the Springtime and it was absolutely beautiful. “I wanted to use the park and flowery imagery because falling in love feels a lot like flowers blooming in the Spring,” TALIA says.

‘colder’ [above] is about the duality of love. It’s about choosing to stop fighting for someone even though you have love for them. Love is complex all around. TALIA just wanted to write honestly about those feelings and letting go even when you’re not ready to.

I definitely write my songs from a place of personal experiences and emotions. Even though my songs aren’t always literal, they’ve definitely been influenced by an emotion I’ve felt at some point in my life.— TALIA

In 2021, TALIA is hoping to direct more visuals for herself and other artists. “I’m excited to collaborate with more creative minds and I plan on writing my own screenplay,” she explains. TALIA is also working on finishing her first EP, which is set to be released in 2021! “I can’t wait to share what I’ve been working on,” TALIA concludes in our chat.

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