Today’s delicious Eat This Song of the Day comes from Canadian-based artist Falcon Jane. Following on from the release of her debut 10-track album, “Faith” in 2020, Falcon Jane has teamed up with fellow Canadian record producer Romshii on this remix of her original single, that sees Romshii bring together Falcon’s core vocals mixed with an overlay of bouncy, electronic beats, and delicate keys, while also not taking away the message of the original version.

Romshii and Falcon Jane have been feuding for years. They are both a couple of know-it-alls who think their shit [music] is gold. “I remember when he tried to convince me to change the chorus of “Heaven”—perhaps as a form of sabotage,” Falcon reveals on the collaboration. “I guess I let him do a remix to try to prove a point, set him up for failure.”

“I remember being at a Falcon Jane band practice when they were first writing ‘Heaven,’ I wasn’t in the band or anything, I was just laying on the couch. — Romshii

“I gave some feedback about changing the chorus,” Romshii continues. “They didn’t listen! Yet they wanted me to remix it… maybe that was their way of telling me that I was right all along. I mean honestly listen to both versions and tell me my chorus doesn’t absolutely smoke the original.”

Getting some great Elohim vibes from this song!

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