What a year 2020 was! It was the year the coronavirus pandemic hit and destroyed the entertainment sector as a whole… for the time being. However, throughout the year, artists, producers, writers, and other creatives adapted to the current climate and continued to create the art that they love so much.

In fact, in 2020 – according to Spotify – I discovered 504 artists across Australia, the U.S., U.K., Canada, and other locations. Although, that doesn’t include the new artists discovered on Soundcloud and YouTube, so that 504 is inconsistent with the actual number of artists discovered in 2020.

Any how – you can find the entire list of artists featured in Spotify embed below and also in this post with music videos and links to Soundcloud; music featured in my favourite songs of 2020 comes from the likes of Noga Erez, food house, Saint Punk, Just A Gent, Stace Cadet, Ninajirachi, SACRE, Jay Hardway, Sonny Fodera, Willaris. K, Vlossom, SACHI, Balo, Lee Bowie, NOT A BOYS NAME, RHYME SO, Confidence Man, Blush, Loveday, Baker Boy & Dallas Woods & Sampa The Great & Airwol, KUCKA, Shimza & Mikhaela Faye, Notelle, Lee Paradise, Selena Gomez, Leah Kate, Carla Wehbe, ANNALIA, Zikai and many, many others.

On Wednesday I shared with you some of my favourite songs of 2020, which gave you a glimpse into some of the songs I enjoyed in 2020, and while I have 29 other songs yet to share with you – those are going to be shared on next week’s program to round out my favourite songs of 2020 – I thought it was time to put together my early round up of all of the songs I enjoyed in the previous year, just as I have previously done in 2017 and 2019 (2018 was covered on the radio program in two parts: here and here).

‘VIEWS (feat. Reo Cragun & ROUSSO)’ by Noga Erez

‘Energy (feat. KLP)’ by Stace Cadet

‘Moving Blind’ by Sonny Fodera & Dom Dolla

‘Enchanté (feat. Naïka)’ by SACHI

SACHI are an electronic duo out of New Zealand and recently Nick and Will released a collaboration with a female artist named Naika, called “Enchanté“, and for those that didn’t take first-year French in school – it is essentially the word for “Nice to meet you.”

‘Two Sides’ by NOT A BOYS NAME

This song is titled ‘Two Sides‘, off the release of Australian producer NOT A BOYS NAME‘s brand new EP, ‘The Internet Sucks‘, out know through Island Records Australia. Enjoy!

‘Better Days (feat. Sampa The Great) – Airwolf Remix’ by Baker Boy & Dallas Woods

This song comes from Australian artist Baker Boy! Working in collaboration with fellow artists Sampa the Great & Dallas Woods on the new single, Baker Boy has released a solid single that not only showcases his impeccable songwriting ability, but also his fantastic mix of modern English lyrics and Aboriginal native tongue intertwined with his soothing, progressive beats.

‘Ascension’ by KUČKA

This song comes from Australian electronica producer, KUČKA. KUČKA’s newest single, and second for 2020, is titled ‘Ascension‘ and not only is it the follow up to ‘Contemplation‘, it is also a platform for KUČKA to explore the notion of growing up per se through her soothing soundscape.

‘Fuck Up The Friendship’ by Leah Kate

‘Champagne for Breakfast’ by Zikai

‘TRIAL’ by Calva Louise

‘Social Cues’ by Teezo Touchdown

This song comes from Texas-based artist Teezo Touchdown. Following on from the release of his singles “Bad Enough” and “Rooting for You” earlier in 2020, the Beaumont native has returned with another song that showcases his captivating, relatable lyrics and storytelling prowess, that makes this song standout on its own in his already strong stable of songs.

‘Can I Speak to a Manager?’ by The Clockworks

‘Realpolitik’ by Worker & Parasite

This song comes from Melbourne-based Worker & Parasite. Coming out of the department of Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development & Communications, this new song from Worker & Parasite was born out of the Party directive of Chairperson ********, to undoubtedly promote boosts to productivity and morale within the populace – while also touching on the problems of participating in ‘democratic’ politics in a broader environment specifically structured to alienate the participant (you).

‘Bang!’ by AJR

‘Anything You Want’ by JEEN

‘Normality’ by Tanya George

‘High Arctic’ by Digawolf

This song of the day comes from Canadian artist Digawolf. Coming off the release of Digawolf’s newest album titled “High Arctic“, comes the title track, and subsequent music video – which happens to feature an intense mixed game of street and ice hockey.

‘You, You’ by Fever Queen

‘The Paper’ by Leyya

‘Dream Rats (feat. Alissa White-Gluz)’ by No Joy

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