2020 was the year meeting so many new fans has absolutely been a highlight for Dylan Emmet. 2020 was the year Dylan Emmet really got to connect with those fans on a personal level and hear stories about how his music has affected their lives.

“It’s all I ever wanted,” Dylan expresses to Eat This Music on the aforementioned statement. “To make someone feel the same way I do when I hear a song I really love. It’s humbling and motivating.”

Who was on your “Must Listen To” List at the start of 2020?

Chelsea cutler, Jeremy zucker, Illenium, Juice WRLD , Charli XCX Jon Bellion and anyone produced by him

Has that list changed in the previous 12 months?

Even though I only discovered it in the past few months, Hyperpop has been consuming my life. Charli XCX and 100 gecs’ sound blew my mind. It led me to discovering a lot of new artists in that vein. It’s definitely a big change of pace style wise.

What type of new artists/bands have you discovered in 2020?

I’ve been loving the pop punk vibes melding into every other style of music. Juice WRLD, 100 gecs, Brakence, Glaive, and Remy are all standouts.

What were your guilty pleasure songs or albums in 2020?

Stupid Horse by 100 gecs. To this day, I don’t get how I can’t stop listening to this crazy song about a horse.

Which song, or songs, of yours in 2020 would you recommend to listeners and why?

My favorite songs of mine this year were “Dumb” and a new one coming out at the end of the year “Don’t Wanna Think About It.” I feel like I really captured moments of my life in these songs. I was very inspired when I made them.

What keeps you making music?

I honestly can’t stop. I’m obsessed.

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