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Sarah Manzo in 2020 was a fierce R&B, pop, jazz musician who headed out to Nashville to continue pursuing her career as a recording artist and songwriter. Sarah is someone who is doing well during this current climate. Even though 2020 began rough for Sarah, she was able to create a positive experience for herself by having sessions via Zoom, working on her mental health, and writing new songs!

One of those new songs is titled “f it (i don’t care)“, a song Sarah tells Eat This Music is essentially a celebration song, about self-love and the discovery of independence! “The song is about moving on from a past heartbreak and enjoying the liberating feeling of freedom,” Sarah reveals. “I wrote this song when I was living in New York City before the pandemic and was exploring my way around as a single lady without anyone telling me what I can and cannot do.”

“I believe that “f it (I don’t care)” is still very relevant to what I wanted to say since the start of the creative process because I feel the celebration of self love and independence is infinite,” Sarah continues.

The creative process of creating this song was invigorating for Sarah. She was with three of her close friends, two of which were producers and one a songwriter. Sarah and her close friends all gathered at the Mophonic Sounds New York studio and spent the whole night writing and producing out the track.

Sarah explains “It was so much fun to create a whole demo of song in one session after feeling so passionate about the subject matter. It was so freeing! Now that I’ve written the song it’s a constant reminder to continue to do my own thing no matter what.”

This song is based on a real experience Sarah had, where she felt tied down in a relationship. “Once I left the relationship I felt so inspired to finally be able to do what I wanted and not live to please someone else,” Sarah reveals.

Sarah is currently working on a few more singles and developing an EP in 2021. Stay tuned for more.

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