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In 2020 Judah Moore was very ambitious, self reflective, more productive and bolder than he has ever been in his life. Judah finally decided to obtain the life he had always wanted and be the person he had always wanted to be – no matter what.

In fact, Judah has been so busy this year, he could write a novel on his life. “I did just that and finished my first book,” Judah tells Eat This Music. “I started my own life designing and consulting company, I am being featured in a music blog from a fabulous city that I absolutely love to visit! What more could I guy ask for?”

“If we are speaking of weather it’s cold and rainy in Amsterdam but I am living my best life,” Judah expresses to Eat This Music. “Though I don’t like to be cold, I love this time of year for the Christmas spirit, markets, baking and binge watching my favourite movies.” Although, in terms of how he is doing in today’s climate, Judah is just grateful to be where he is, healthy and in contact with those he loves. Judah’s mum lives close by to him, so that also a nice treat. “I know this not the case for everyone so I feel blessed just to be alive and I am living each day to the fullest,” Judah adds.

Today, Judah released his newest single, “I am“, a song Judah tells Eat This Music is the truest declaration of love. Judah explains, “I am usually quite guarded in fear of being too vulnerable and getting my heart broken. So this song was supposed to be perfect way for me way to express how I truly felt in the most beautiful and romantic way. It was meant to be my proposal song.”

“The essence of the song still holds true to what I originally intended it to be. I think as the process went along it just became a matter of refining it and delivering it in a way that felt genuine to me,” Judah continues.” — Judah on his newest single.

“The creative process of this song was quite an emotional roller coaster because I wrote the original version right after I had actually confessed my feelings to someone I secretly liked,” Judah continues. “It wasn’t received in the way I thought it would.”

From there, Judah thought maybe it would sound better and he could win their heart over with a beautiful love song. Unfortunately though, Judah never got that chance to play if for them. Years later after Judah matured and healed from that disappointment It came back to haunt him. “I didn’t want to waste such a beautiful song so I rearranged it into what it is today as a labor of love so that maybe it can help someone else fall in love,” Judah explains. “Who knows maybe one day the person it was intended for will hear it.”

Expanding on the aforementioned, Judah assures listeners that this song is 100% a true reflection of his heart and soul. “It is definitely a page directly out of my own personal life,” Judah emphasis. “When I wrote it I was in deep in love and though it didn’t turn out the way I wanted I still desired to create a beautiful love song that could make anyone feel the essence of true love.”

Currently Judah is working on a follow up release to this song called “Boogie.” It is due to be released January 21, 2021. That song is more uptempo and groovy featuring some amazing guitar riffs! So look out for Moore music in 2021. “I also just want to say a huge thanks for having me, listening and supporting my dream, cheers,” Judah concludes in our chat.

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