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Today’s delicious song of the day comes from New York-based alternative-folk artist, Belaver. The former frontman of folk band listenlisten uses his newest solo work to explore the notion of reflecting on the fragility of small worlds people create – whilst exploring it visually through the use of doomsday.

Belaver wrote this song last year while he was reflecting on the fragility of the small worlds people create. “It’s so easy to forget how little it would take to upheave our lives,” Belaver explains. “Once you find yourself overly comfortable you should poke at it and unsettle your situation for the sake of a healthy perspective.”

“The more comfortable your station in life the more responsibility you have to question the validity of the system allowing that comfort… since it is most likely at someone else’s expense,” Belaver continues.

Belaver was fortunate enough to have tracked this song in a studio before most people knew what COVID-19 was. However, for the music video, Belaver was forced to get creative and had to shoot with his partner in their little Chinatown tenement during the pandemic. “We spent our weekends with a green screen filling the entire room,” Belaver reveals. “One weekend I was writhing around the floor like I’m floating in space, the next I was covered in homemade slime.”

Additionally, Belaver edited this music video together with old (depressing) film footage from

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