2020 has been a big year for Italian artist Alessia Labate. 2020 was the year many things happened, which included both success and failure. Both of those experiences taught Alessia Labate a lot about herself, who she was as a person and how to become who she wants to be; taking those experiences with her into 2021.

Eat This Music: Who was on your “Must Listen To” List at the start of 2020?

Alessia Labate: I have super bad memory, I don’t remember exactly who I was listening to at the beginning of 2020, but my biggest 2020 revelations were Ashnikko and Rina Sawayama. I listened to a lot of swedish music as well (Veronica Maggio, Gabrielle), Christine & the queen, Charli xcx, myself (lol), CLAIRO, Nathy Peluso, 1975, Aluna, HARLOE, Keyinan Lonsdale and more.

Has that list changed in the previous 12 months?

I surely had the opportunity to listen to more music and I also dove into rock, jazz and genres I usually don’t listen to that much.

What type of new artists/bands have you discovered in 2020?

Mainly Pop and indie, that’s my jam. I also found out about Audrey Nuna, Griff, Casey, Wolf, all cool female artists I really admire.

What were your guilty pleasure songs or albums in 2020?

My own songs? Ahahahha they were in my top 2020 songs in spotify.

Which song, or songs, of yours in 2020 would you recommend and why?

Listen to Something Special when you miss someone you love, OMG were you wanna feel a little sexy, and Highway and Just Love when you wanna dance / cry or both.

What keeps you making music?

Being mad probably HAHAHAHAH and the passion I have for it, which is limitless.

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