2020 was a big year for romæo personally and professionally. Not only did the Australian artist release her first two singles, ‘stare‘ & ‘revealed‘ respectively; romæo also used 2020 and her music as a way of getting those constant noises in her head out per se.

Eat This Music: Who was on your “Must Listen To” List at the start of 2020?

romæo: Wow great question… defs 100 gecs, I was a bit late to that party. Probably Chairlift as well. I was a massive fan of Caroline Polachek’s 2019 album but had never really listened to her earlier stuff.

Has that list changed in the previous 12 months?

I mean of course I have a completely different idea of what I ‘must listen’ to now. I still haven’t listened to the new Eartheater album, or even the Sevdaliza. Yikes! It’s hard to find the moment to listen to such albums that I just know are going to be ICONIC, if that is any excuse.

What type of new artists/bands have you discovered in 2020?

Some artists I came across in 2020 that I hadn’t listened to before are; Sega Bodega, Cecile Believe, ML Buch, Thibault and Sorry.

What were your guilty pleasure songs or albums in 2020?

I’m not sure I really have guilty pleasures, I mean I openly LOVE pop music. I unapologetically rinsed Aminé’s latest record ‘Limbo’. I also enjoyed Noah Cyrus’ ‘The End Of Everything’.

Which song, or songs, of yours in 2020 would you recommend and why?

I mean I released my first two tracks this year, so I would recommend both 😉 but I think ‘stare’ slaps so I’d recommend that first.

What were your personal (or professional) highlights this year?

I think just releasing music has been a highlight. It’s been weird and wonderful. I really feel so blessed to have been a part of Spirit Level’s latest compilation Kindred Spirits 3 so that has definitely been a highlight; just listening to the album is a high!

What keeps you making music?

I constantly have noise in my head, so I need to let that out somehow.

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