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Today’s delicious song of the day comes from Berlin-based act, The Ghost of Helags. The last time The Ghost of Helags were covered on Eat This Music was back in July when they released the song ‘Parallel‘.

Speaking on the release of ‘Mary’, Teresa and John of The Ghost of Helags reveal that this song was written and recorded during a writing session in a cottage in the Giant Mountains district, a wild national park area on the border between Poland and the Czech Republic. “Traveling was still allowed but a lockdown was looming so everything was very deserted and empty, the border town almost felt like a ghost town,” the duo explains. “Everything felt surreal.”

The Ghost of Helags combined recording at the cottage with walks in the forests, and recording sessions at night. Eventually the duo had to escape the area because of the country closing its borders, so Teresa and John drove back to Berlin through the night and managed to cross the border at the last second.

What you get in this song is more of what has made The Ghost of Helags one of my favourite acts right now; steady, aesthetically instrumentals and delicate vocals throughout. Specifically in this new somg, titled ‘Mary’, The Ghost of Helags detail the craziness which exists in the head and mind.

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