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Alaska Reid is someone who now can record and produce (a bit) on Logic. In fact, Alaska is someone that is doing good at the moment actually. “I feel really fortunate, these are such weird times and I’m lucky to have a place to stay etc,” Alaska tells Eat This Music at the top of out chat about her new EP. “I just tried to focus during this time and really figure out things and record a lot.”

Recently Alaska and her boyfriend went through and redid her whole pedalboard, learned how to use recording software, and how to shoot/make pretty good looking videos.

Today sees the release of Alaska’s brand new nine-track EP, ‘Big Bunny‘, an EP that sees the Los Angeles-based artist ultimately showcase stories from the diary of her life, but she also uses the nine songs to touch on the lives of young women that she knew or created around her. “I always had rabbits growing up or I always fantasized about charming a wild rabbit, so in that way they have become a sort of symbol of my childhood, things I would dream about,” Alaska reveals about the story of her EP.

Alaska wasn’t strict with herself when it came to the creative process of her EP. Alaska wanted every song to contain honesty, so she never let a song sneak on that didn’t have an element of honesty. Alaska continues in our chat, “I mean these songs feel as vulnerable, screwed up flesh and blood as me.”

“Everything originates in some way in my journal or with me and my guitar in my bedroom.” — Alaska Reid on the creation of her EP.

“I read a lot of poetry. Ray Young Bear, Jim Harrison, Yeats etc. I get inspired by that, by situations that I get into, people I observe etc,” Alaska says. “So basically it mostly starts with a riff I have and then my lyrics.”

With songs like ‘City Sadness‘, ‘Blood Ice‘ and ‘Big Bunny‘, Alaska finished those songs as intended. Although, other songs like ‘Oblivion‘ & ‘Warm‘ were a collaborative effort, where Alaska had snippets of lyrics and ideas and then worked with some sweet producers to flesh out the musical bits.

“Well in terms of quieter, subtler ones I think Pilot and City Sadness are good recommendations,” Alaska tells Eat This Music on which songs she would recommend. “City Sadness is a song in which I actually sound optimistic, I felt optimistic while writing it. Pilot is a song I’ve had for awhile that feels like an old friend.”

Now that Alaska’s newest record is out, she is already working on a couple of new projects. “I’m demoing stuff out in my room for now,” she reveals. “I’m writing poetry a lot especially thanks to a professor of mine named Fred D’Aguiar, who is amazing. Also, A. G. , Jonny Gorgeous and I have started a band.”

“Releasing another album, playing shows, hopefully (along with everyone else) getting to go out and travel without worrying about death & germs,” Alaska concludes in our chat.

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