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Today’s delicious song of the day comes from US-based pop artist, Natalie Carr. Following on from the release of her previous single, “Sad Little Rant“, which was also the last time Natalie was featured on Eat This Music, the Charlotte native has returned with a much slower, and toned done song, although, the message and visuals do speak for themselves with Natalie exploring the notion of doomed love.

Speaking on the release of the song, Natalie reveals that she wrote the song with a visual in mind, which in her case, rarely comes first. “I love the idea of doomed love, or being in love with the wrong person (in this case, a flashy 80s highway criminal),” Natalie adds. “I used imagery to convey what being on the run might look like, and I wanted to allude to the feeling of being trapped by your own desire for someone, no matter what they put you through.” While Natalie has never lived this (very literal) example, she does feel like she has sacrificed her own values and sanity in order to be with a token “bad boy.”

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