Curly Blonde are a couple of best mates in Brynn and Fergus. In fact, they are actually an indie rock/pop/good vibes duo from Melbourne, Victoria. “We’re doing really good thanks,” the duo express to Eat This Music. “The weather’s starting to turn it on, and Melbourne is opening back up, so things are definitely looking up.” 2020 has obviously been a pretty tough year for everyone, but Brynn and Fergus have really tried to stay positive and busy through creating music and getting their EP out for people to listen to.

One of the key tracks off the EP is titled ‘Room 309‘, and happens to be the first track, which is basically about someone who had such high aspirations for their life and set aspirational goals growing up, yet, they’re extremely unsatisfied with how things have turned out and whether they can ever have a meaningful life. “It kind of captures the moment where you can either make the move to try and live out those dreams, or you can fall into the masses and go through the monotony of the motions of life,” the duo reveal.

“Yeah definitely! This song was actually written about three years ago, and we reckon it means the same thing then, to what it does now,” Curly Blonde tell Eat This Music on the creative process of the single. “Everyone hits crossroads at all parts of their lives, no matter how big or small, and wanting to live out your dreams is something we all strive for.

“We think the song also has strong relevance to 2020 and the lockdowns. Room 309 kind of represents that feeling of isolation and thinking about what someone really wants in life- something that a lot of people have experienced this year.” — Curly Blonde on the creative process of their single, ‘Room 308’.

Curly Blonde loved the creative process for not only Room 309, but also their upcoming debut EP. “It’s been such a cool experience and something that has kept us driven and grounded during the tough lockdowns in Melbourne,” the duo express at the time of our interview (earlier in November). “In terms of creativity, we set up our home studio pretty early in the year when the lockdown was just beginning. We live together in a sharehouse, so pretty much each day we’d be in there recording or creating ideas.” Essentially the creative process was a mix of spending time in there individually, and then Curly Blonde would come together and collaborate and share ideas. Bryn and Fergus also got to work with some bloody talented sound engineers in Nicolas Mendoza and Tahlia-Rose Coleman during the process. That was an awesome time for the duo, to work with them and bring together all the good vibes to their tracks.

Lyrically, the meaning behind Room 309 is something that’s a pretty common thought process/realisation that people our age start to have. Curly Blonde expand, “We’ve both had these realisations and thoughts in terms of where we want to go with our lives, so it’s a pretty relatable song for us.” The duo’s musical tastes and sound influences also really influenced the creation of the song, as it is a very upbeat, summery, vibey song, which is something that Curly Blonde both really like to listen to themselves.

“The idea of someone having such high hopes for their life, but not being able to reach any goals, is shown through the isolation and frustration shown in the music video,” the duo tell Eat This Music on the visual aspect of the single. “The visuals aimed to capture the isolation and monotony of being stuck in the same place but wanting to get out of there.”

“The Covid lockdown situation sort of helped us in a way to create this image, because not being able to go anywhere and having to do the same things over and over again fitted in so well to the music video.” — Curly Blonde on the creation of their music video.

Curly Blonde’s debut self-titled EP is now out, and Curly Blonde are keen for people to listen to it. “Hopefully places in Melbourne keep opening up and we can play some live shows at some stage too, but until then we’ll be working on creating and recording some new stuff,” Curly Blonde conclude.

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