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Today’s delicious song of the day comes from Australian pop artist George Maple. George’s newest single is title “Fade” and it comes off the release of her forthcoming album, “Myth“, due out for release in December, which will also be presented as part of a live performance at the Sydney Opera House.

Speaking on “Myth”, George reveals she wrote the treatment back in March: “It was first intended as a feature length screenplay,” she continues, “but as the storyline evolved I wanted to explore the complexity of the characters, set-design and cinematography in a depth which felt more at ease in a digital context.”

Fade was the first song written on the album, in fact, Fade was written at a time when George was going through a freefalling mode of hedonistic and indulgent escapism in her life. “Melodically, the beats and synths are inflections of the blood pumping through Luna’s veins, thumping and undulating, anchored by the storytelling vocals,” George reveals on the song and album.

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