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Today’s delicious song of the day comes from Scottish punk-rock band, Dead Pony. Following on from the release of “Sharp Tongues” earlier in 2020 – Anna (lead vocals, guitar), Blair (lead guitar, backing vocals), Liam (bass) and Aidan (drums) have returned with a fast, impactful single that touches on the story of toxicity and negativity.

Speaking on the single, Anna explains that the band wrote this song when she had come to a point in her life where she was happy with the people that she was surrounded with and how she just absolutely could not be bothered with dabbling in the falsities that often come part and parcel with certain “friendships”. “I wanted this song to give the message that it is always okay to stop associating with people who don’t contribute healthily to your friendship or how it is okay to cut toxic and damaging people out of your life.”

Not only am I getting some major Estrons (also from Glasgow) vibes from Dead Pony, but they are also fast becoming one of my favourite new indie punk bands and one worth keeping tabs on.

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