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Today’s delicious song of the day comes from Melbourne-based Worker & Parasite. Coming out of the department of Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development & Communications, this new song from Worker & Parasite was born out of the Party directive of Chairperson ********, to undoubtedly promote boosts to productivity and morale within the populace – while also touching on the problems of participating in ‘democratic’ politics in a broader environment specifically structured to alienate the participant (you).

Speaking on the release of the single, the PARTY (Aforementioned government body) asserts that through paternalistic media practises, neoliberal societies create in the mind of the participant a dissociative notion of what it means to take part in political discourse. “Unambiguously, the PARTY recognises and condemns this culture of alienation as yet another structure of control exerted by the wealthy capitalist elite against the working classes. The PARTY will not stand idly by and allow this status quo to continue unchallenged,” The Party concludes.

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