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2020 has primarily seen The Terrifying Lows as a writer and producer of melancholy music. Soon to be band leader once more when we are allowed to rehearse and perform again!

“Not too bad given the circumstances,” The Terrifying Lows expresses to Eat This Music. “I think being a musician has been a saving grace through out this strange time.” Most creatives The Terrifying Lows knows spend a lot of time locked away on inside on their own anyway. In fact, 2020 has been a big year of up skilling for The Terrifying Lows. Recently the Melbourne native started recording an EP, which he is producing!

The Terrifying Lows wrote his newest single “Running Slow” at the end of 2018 when he felt a bit at a loss. “Like I wasn’t getting to where I wanted to be fast enough,” he reveals. “I once described the lyrical content as a state of depression in the endless pursuit of happiness. It was also the first of a new collection of songs I wrote which I’m super proud of.”

“Well I actually fled the city for 5 or so months to clear my head and reset,” The Terrifying Lows tells Eat This Music on the creative process of the single. After years of pretty constant touring and recording, The Terrifying Lows had some time to himself, which was nice. “I started writing it before I left and finished it off while I was away,” he continues in our chat. “When I got back to Melbourne I headed into the Aviary Studios in Abbotsford with Producer Josh Barber and Engineer Steven Mowat to record my last single ‘Everywhere You Go (There You Are)’ and ‘Running Slow’.”

“It was a pretty seamless excursion really. Josh was also playing drums and I played all the other instruments. The three of us got it down super quick and over to our boy Kyle Dreaden in Nashville TN for mixing.” — The Terrifying Lows on the creative process of his newest single.

“Running Slow” is from a collection of songs, which The Terrifying Lows would consider to be very introspective and pretty much autobiographical. Although, The Terrifying Lows tends to focus on creating a decent narrative and doesn’t like to let the truth get in the way of a good story.

“I think, to me, both songs were obvious singles,” he expresses on the subsequent release of his previous single. “They just had that resonating quality. Good hooks. Honest lyrics. Tempo tends to play a supporting role in single selection as well,” he says, “I went in to the studio with a plan to record two singles.”

As briefly mentioned above, The Terrifying Lows just started recording an EP, which he is producing himself. “I suppose it’s more of a short LP which I’ll be releasing in two halves next year,” he explains. “Production is well on the way and it’s already sounding great. Will have some more new music for you all early next 2021!”

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