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Brisbane indie-rock artist Evangie fearlessly channells the ferocity of female-fronted indie rockers Jess Day and Paramore, an air of glittering nostalgiacries emotion into every one of her songs, transporting audiences with her expressive, yet vulnerable vocals. Her sound is crafted with painfully honest lyrics infused with catchy melodies and hooks. If heartbreak has a sound – it’s captured wholly in Evangie’s emotive storytelling, connecting with those who relate to her lyrics.

Joined by her four-piece band infused with searing guitar solos, underlying bass grooves and driving drum beats, it’s only a matter of time before Evangie makes her indelible mark on the indie-rock scene.

“I have just released my debut single “Japan” which has been getting a lot of attention and love,” she expresses to Eat This Music at the top of our chat about the aforementioned single. In fact, Evangie just recently played at BIGSOUND 2020, so this year has mostly been about getting her name out there. The band and Evangie would definitely love to be playing more live gigs, and are hoping to do so soon in the future once more live gigs are on again.

Evangie’s Japan not only showcases her developing sound as an instrumentalist, but it also shows off what the relatively new artist can do vocally. It [Japan] was written about the loneliness you can feel in a room full of people and feeling different to those around you. “It poses the question of “If I left this party, would anyone even notice,” Evangie reveals. “This loneliness and feeling different is an emotion I have felt often in my life, and is a feeling I know many others have also felt so I wrote it with the intention of normalising these emotions and allowing people to realise that other people also feel the same.”

“Japan” was one of those songs that almost wrote itself. As Evangie details, “I sat down one night and just started writing and by the end of the night it was completely finished. I call it my magic song!” In fact, Evangie often writes about love or heartbreak, so this theme was a bit different for her, however, Evangie does really enjoyed exploring other topics too.

“I have definitely felt many of the emotions present in the song and was ultimately why I decided to write it.” –Evangie on her single, “Japan”.

Evangie likes to write about personal topics and really express her raw emotion through the songs that she writes, as well as talk about topics where people may feel like they are the only ones who feel like that. “My lyrics are often based on my life, and then expand to create their own story,” Evangie states.

Evangie decided to make “Japan” her debut when she wrote it, even though the song stood out to her as something special. “I wanted to debut with this song as I am so proud of it and wanted the world to hear it, as well as introduce Evangie with something so close to my heart,” Evangie clarifies. “I wanted to release at the start of the year, but due to COVID, my plans got pushed back.” A lot of musicians were waiting until things settled to release new music, and then ultimately decided that there is no ‘right time’ and to just do it now, which is kind of what Evangie did with this release.

“I am currently working on writing new songs,” Evangie reveals about her next step. Although, Evangie is allowing herself some time to bask in the release of “Japan”. “We are lining up a couple of shows also which we can’t wait to perform at. I am really excited about the future of Evangie and am working hard with my band behind the scenes,” Evangie concludes in our chat.

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